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Thread: diablo <3

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    diablo <3

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    i. love. diablo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymus™ View Post
    Who doesn't ?

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    I loved diablo 2, Diablo 3 pissed me off to much to continue with for now.
    Got to act 3 inferno, and just get owned there.
    So I am back to playing wow on blizzlike server.

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    Diablo 3 was the biggest disappointment since Cata. Even worse than MoP, MoP's landscapes mitigates for the lack of creativity when it comes to story and imagination is choosing of the new race.

    Got to 60 in a few days, first 3 paragon levels 2 days after patch, and then there was the overpowered weapons, downgraded by 13 levels or so with insane stats... Meh... Got BiS bow on my Demon Hunter... So yeah.. Very disappointed.

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    Yeaaah, Diablo 3 was a big disappointment. It was okay to level 30 or so but doing the same shit over and over is just retarded.

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    diablo 3 lacks much of the customization that made the earlier games good but the farthest i managed to play was to the point where i rescue cain.

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    I love Diablo 2, and Diablo 3 is not as good as I expected. So I come to play Torch Light 2. I am a veteran player. When I was playing Broken Realm Game, I found the instructions for newbies are not clear. So I wrote a review about this game on the MMOWood site, I hope it can help newbies.
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    Played Diablo 2 for at least 8 years and still counting. Played the ladder reset on Nov. 6.

    Played Diablo 3 for a month. Game is boring and terrible.

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    I also prefer Diablo 2 instead of Diablo 3. Diablo 3 was a little disappointing. But it was nice to play it again.

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    nothing to write home about

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    Diablo III has become a babies game. The game now SUCKS.
    I am sure the ones who love it are the ones who were never any good at video games.
    I played from 8 am till about 7 pm tonight and never died once. How boring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymus™ View Post
    Who doesn't ?
    Me 3

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    it is too much of a constant grindfest. i did however manage to get to the second act without getting killed but then i lost interest.

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    me too

    solder uap



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