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    Can i ask you a question? I have no problems in installation, but when i enter to ICC, the portal of ICC Scourge Transporter, does not work, I mean,, does not get you anywhere. Any suggestions? Sorry i dont speak english.

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    well sims that it works fore me too but how do I add the SQLyog

    found a bug in the AmberGUI have a image but cant uppload it here well I can send it to ho hever whants it E-mail [email protected] only a mail
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolz View Post


    TomJenkins & I made this. Its old, I just released it here to help share.
    Sure about that? I used this project many years ago and loved it. Here is link for original dev's work. Please give credit when reporting someone else's work that they did.


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    Thank you very much for preparing this.



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