Welcome to AC Web.
  • AC Web Update.

    Thank you for waiting patiently while we were down for maintenance. First and foremost, you’ll notice our software has been upgraded to the latest vBulletin 4.2. All essential features of the previous version are included, but you’ll now also get to make your very own blogs and customise your profile and posts through this redesigned, sleek UI. With a new skin, CMS and articles, we hope to enhance your social experience all while preserving the essence of our community.

    You will also notice an activity stream where you can keep tabs on what members are up to. Though blogs may be the most compelling feature to you, allowing you to write your own news or stories, and keep your friends posted. This may be a WoW server you just started, or an ongoing development you wish to address. Members will easily find your blog posts through your own defined categories for which you can set privacy options and tags.

    Aside from the fancy new theme and features, you may notice awards have yet to make an appearance. Please bear with us as we implement the awards with all of your stats soon. And if you’re refreshed to see more space in your PM box, Power Users can now store 300 messages, Super Power Users 500 and Legends 1000 messages.

    We will continue to serve you with more content updates in the near future. For now, enjoy the new look.


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    1. Zie's Avatar
      Zie -
      nice !
    1. Rise's Avatar
      Rise -
      Nice AC-Web!
    1. Rochet2's Avatar
      Rochet2 -
      Would be smashing to get a code button to the fast reply.
    1. Jamesjoe1985's Avatar
      Jamesjoe1985 -
      Nice! i like it!
    1. a41420155's Avatar
      a41420155 -
      Nice !
    1. negative098's Avatar
      negative098 -
      Thiis is cool