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    We want to ask for everyone’s support to maintain this forum continuously. As you all know, to maintain a great site like this costs money. The security we pay for comes at a great price, and being on the top, unfortunately, means there are people who want to take us down. We love having such a great community and continue to work with you all. But the time has come when we would like your support to make that happen, we need to raise funds for site maintenance and future updates. Every donation will be spent on this website's hosting, security, and upkeep.

    This donation is purely optional but highly appreciated, we do not want to make you feel obliged to pay for this great website usage, but we must raise funds to drive this website and community in the right direction and give it the love it deserves. Please see the list below of what these funds would be spent on.

    • Better protection
    • New forum software and license
    • Forum Plugins
    • Google Ads
    • Advertisements on other websites, such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc..)
    • Custom Themes (Graphics in general)
    • Etc...

    Any amount is great, so as much as you can spare would be greatly appreciated. Please note, that this is separate from normal donator rank and will not grant a rank promotion.

    If you decide to help us, please use this link to do so: PayPal Donation

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    1. Khonsu's Avatar
      Khonsu -
      Thanks to all
    1. JunkyBulgaria's Avatar
      JunkyBulgaria -
      why support a dead forum?