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    extremetop.com is a ranking website dedicated to showing you the best servers for each and every game.

    The site is fresh, new and growing extremely quickly, with many opportunities for advertising; it brings a new perspective over the classical ranking websites.

    To ensure the best user experience, only qualitative, stable and secure gaming websites appear on the tracker, which are moderated weekly. The cool thing about extremetop.com is that the peak period is rounded up from the last 4 weeks, so your rank is always accurate and reflected in real time.

    Advanced anti-cheating measures are implemented into the site in order to ensure all the lists remain free of cheaters.

    The site is elegant and well structured, with no spamming ads meaning that ranks can be seen clearly. The integrated analytics module helps you see the detailed statistics for each website.

    With a new advertising campaign, promotions and social sharing it's expected to double/increase the development and users numbers.

    Shortly, it offers:
    • User friendly website with bookmarks, searchable items and a postback system
    • Good ranking feature such as statistics, charts, informational for individual sites in all geographical regions
    • Daily rankings updates
    • Detailed server and player banners and forum signatures
    • Current and historical individual statistics
    • Interactive forum
    • Long list of categories
    • English speaking support
    • Socially interactive posts (social sharing, facebook comments etc)

    Give it a try at extremetop.com you'll love it.