Welcome to AC Web.
  • The Legend rank is back!

    Legend is back, ready to be acquired by the most salient users of AC Web!

    This esteemed rank won't come easy, though. Expect a steep climb for no less than 1000 rep to be worthy of consideration.
    Only the greatest members who demonstrate avid devotion to the community will be hand-picked by the AC Web staff, and crowned Legend.

    We look at website contribution as a key factor to a user's worth. This is not judged by reputation, but rather content-rich threads and other posts a user has made. Consider your posting history a portfolio of your impact at AC Web.

    This is no popularity contest. However much reputation you have in points and respect of others, what matters is your commitment and impact on our forums. Being in good standing with our rules is yet another factor, so be mindful.

    Users who have received Legend from awards will keep the rank. We also have no plans to reintroduce awards as we find this new method far simpler, and impossible to cheat.

    If you have over 1000 rep, but no Legend, your profile has either not yet been considered or you have not yet fulfilled our requirements.

    In short,
    • 1000 Rep
    • Extensive AC Web contributions
    • Good standing with AC Web's rules

    Think you have what it takes?
    Get out there and claim the new Legend first!