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  1. {Epic}Make TrinityCore2 Server ALL DETAILS INCLUDED
  2. [C++ Tutorial] TrinityCore (Revised)
  3. Compiling Trinity (Win64) Epic Guide
  4. {Trinity:Core} Crest-Gamin
  5. [Trinity] How to make a teleporter With SQL!!
  6. [Trinity] How To Make Creatures Wield Weapons!
  7. How to apply a patch to your TrinityCore source!
  8. [TRINITY] How to make a scripted boss using only the DB in 9 steps.
  9. [Trinity]How to edit existing item display IDs
  10. [Tutorial] Install TrinityCore & Apache2+SQL+phpmyadmin Debian
  11. Making your Trinity server public.
  12. How to compile a fresh Trinity Core
  13. Ziyek's fix to the Evil Trinity Loop.
  14. How to make your Triniy server live with (Hamachi)
  15. Remove Fatigue
  16. Linux 4.06 CactusEmu (Trinity)
  17. Trinity Private Public Server Creation
  18. {TIP} About custom weapons.
  19. CpX's Trinity Compile - (32 & 64 Bit)
  20. [How-to] "Some kind of custom graveyard" (C++)
  21. {TuT} Trinity Hp Mod
  22. Question.
  23. Basic EventAI (Boss and mob scripting) Tutorial, noob friendly.
  24. quick question about NPC's
  25. Making new pets
  26. A mail with an item was sent! FIX.
  27. [Trinity] How to make your server public! [VIDEO]
  28. How to make your Trinity Private Server Public
  29. [Guide] Custom starting place.
  30. [How-to] Make Custom Heirlooms [Awesomeness]
  31. [How-To]Items that teach Spells
  32. Trinity Core Public Server
  33. How to make an SQL Teleporter [Updated]
  34. Failure in the DB
  35. Mob lvl(bug mob health)
  36. Custom Shop Contribution
  37. How to have 2 realms?
  38. Changing every item reqlvl
  39. Making custom armor for trinity core
  40. Rouge Combo Points bug!
  41. Need a help with trinity
  42. hosts file and how it should look like and why...
  43. php help
  44. Editing DB
  45. Need a portal to gurubashi arena ! help me !
  46. Trinity public server help
  47. Spell dbc editing
  48. Script to cap Dodge Percentage
  49. Autobroadcast Color
  50. Autobroadcast Color?
  51. Auto reset/start up core after freeze/crash
  52. Squeezee & Ahlmo [MySQL Tutorials #1] Just for you!
  53. Squeezee & Ahlmo [Trinity C++ Boss Cheatsheet] Just for you!
  54. omg TRINITY
  55. [URGENT]Trinity server public help
  56. How to fix Autobroadcast in Trinity
  57. How to make a teleporter with SQL (Trinity new DB core changes)
  58. Adding A New 406 Realm.
  59. Need Help With your Trinity Server?
  60. Need Help With your Trinity Server?
  61. Need Help With your Trinity Server?
  62. Hi Were do i introducemyselfddsf
  63. best trinity repacks?
  64. [Trinity] How to Register..
  65. is their any mall vendor
  66. wow 4.2 items?
  67. how to make my own MySQL?
  68. Wtf
  69. Item Extended Cost + quick currency tutorial
  70. Trinity: Adding a script?
  71. [Question] Starting spells
  72. Trinity Issue
  73. Is there a way for keeping your database when you change from ArcEmu to trinity
  74. Simple and Quick Custom World Chat
  75. Swapping race?
  76. [Help] Error Compiling Trinity Core
  77. Question about the core of Trinity
  78. Multi Realms with different builds
  79. Adding / Modifying Weapons (Cata 4.0.6)
  80. Help me with trinity
  81. Connection
  82. (disconnected from server) error, on log attempt
  83. Mob HP
  84. Problems with login.
  85. Dlbwow/Trinity Log in
  86. How to port forward using Simple Port Forwarding
  87. Friend cant login
  88. How to add a custom script to your compile.
  89. Adding wep's 4.2
  90. cxzc
  91. How can i make Trinity Public?
  92. WoW-Imperia Recruit Stuff
  93. How can i setup trinity on linux?
  94. Trinitycore Easy Quest creation
  95. [TUT/REL]How to fix VoteShop For V1/V2 and other fixes[Trinitycore/web-wow]
  96. [Guide] How To Trinity NPC creation (with WoW-V tools)
  97. how to remove spellcost from trainer
  98. [Trinity 3.5.5] Lower player's stats (Aura Spell)
  99. fire mage [Combustion] bug
  100. DBC & Maps help
  101. Small Tut on Server Error Logging.
  102. [Trinity]: How to setup your CreatureScript.
  103. WOrldserver on skyfirecore
  104. How to make a Custom Teleporter NPC
  105. (help) please set the battleground at level 100
  106. [HELP] Custom Weapons/Armour
  107. Tutorial Request
  108. [Guide] How to make Emerald Forest!
  109. Trinity Public+LAN+local server all-in-one
  110. [Video Tutorial]: C++ TrinityCore Basic CreatureScripting
  111. Would this be possible?
  112. [Trinity] Creating a Custom Portal...
  113. [Help Me] How To Show 1-255 Level In Who List
  114. Trinity Registration Page [PHP]
  115. [C++] HowTo: Create custom commands. (Trinity)
  116. Help me authserver
  117. Npc buff help
  118. [Database creation] Using heidisql and I think I'm beyond lost
  119. Vendor Help
  120. trinity registration page help
  121. dodge bug
  122. How to allow dueling in major cities
  123. custom mount for trinity
  124. how to host?
  125. Csv help
  126. [Tutorial] How to make a WoW Private Server on Mac 3.3.5
  127. Make a items no reputation
  128. prices
  129. Anti-Cheats
  130. Question about custom NPC's on Trinity
  131. Trinity: run another realm 4.2.0
  132. problem with realmlist
  133. Apache online
  134. Oregon core teleport item (help)
  135. [Help Me] How do i..
  136. account registration
  137. ArkDB
  138. Trinity Waypoints Guide
  139. How to create custom npcs/mobs for trinity
  140. How to make kill player give item ?
  141. AuktionHouse
  142. I will pay
  143. [How To] Appear Ghost Near Or Above Corpse After Die
  144. Custom quest// trinity
  145. Realmlist
  146. Multi-Faction spell traines
  147. [How To] Complete a quest !?
  148. How to learn some skill?
  149. [Support] Showing more people on who list
  150. How to create a WoW Trinity Server ?
  151. [Linux] How to Compile trinity [Pic's]
  152. 70 TWINK SERVER! all epic 70 gems!
  153. Convert Mangos Scriptdev2 script to Trinity
  154. How to add an item in inventory on startlevel?
  155. How to test the boss lich king
  156. Instances no BIND
  157. How to Change to Color of Autobroadcast
  158. [Tutorial] Custom Vendors and NPCs
  159. Some SQL info
  160. How many people will support this machine.
  161. Horde and Alliance Speak & Invite
  162. How to give an achievement by ending quest.
  163. Were people start
  164. Guide for Truice
  165. Compiling/generating problem.
  166. Entry IDS For A Custom Mall/City
  167. How to Add an Location to Portal Master by Rochet2
  168. Cataclysm with wotlk
  169. How to make a private server without port forwarding! (For Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack)
  170. Need Server News Script & Server Information at login with player rank!
  171. How to create a Custom Extendedcost (The Easy Way)
  172. Sql guide for beginners!.
  173. How to create a Custom Currency like Badge of Justice (The Easy ب_ب Way)
  174. [C++] How to fix Icebound Fortitude at level 255
  175. Need help with fixing Quest!
  176. help
  177. [Share] Game Master Spells !
  178. Custom Vendor and buying trinket?
  179. Need Help [ Trinity Core Compiling ]
  180. [Share] Delete Aura From The TeleNpc By Rochet2!
  181. How to make custom GM ranks
  182. <Tutorialz R Us>Making Waypoints/NPCS MOVING
  183. <Tutorialz R Us>Simple Npc Set Emote Perm
  184. How to make an custom quest!
  185. Pros and cons of Trinity
  186. [DBC] How to change equipment on character creation.[Trinity]
  187. [DBC] How to create custom Titles. [Trinity]
  188. [C++] How to fix totems for Any race/shaman.
  189. How to make custom weapons work properly on TrinityCore
  190. How to edit Login Screen
  191. Gm shop..
  192. Table 'item_loot_template' loot id #500130 used but it doesn't have records.
  193. Rewards for site help! Login, Armory, realm status
  194. change Token to honor
  195. Making a forum for 3.3.5a trinity server?
  196. how to make Custom Npc vendors for trinity and put items in them?
  197. [Trinity] How to bypass 32767 limits.
  198. [How-to] add custom script to your Trinitycore.
  199. [How-to] apply a patch to your Trinitycore.
  200. [How-to] compile your own Trinitycore. [Video]
  201. Setting your Trinity Core server to Hamachi
  202. Custom reward for battlegrounds Win.
  203. [TrinityCore] How to gain xp past level 100
  204. [TrinityCore] Truice - Making Custom Vendors
  205. Acount creating
  206. Professions and talent at maximun on character creation?
  207. ❖ How to create a Patch/Diff ❖
  208. How i can send My DB and my repacks to my GM in game!
  209. trinity npc aura
  210. stop low level characters from using taxi
  211. Wheres the compile button (new scripter) lolz
  212. Make an npc with that file!
  213. How to add custom weapons to your server(with wow-v)
  214. HELP Please!
  215. Darkmoon Faire
  216. How to create costum weapon's and fix the meele bug [VIDEO]
  217. How to - Create/Edit and delete from Trinity Vendors
  218. [Trinity] How to change starting area location. (Easy Steps).
  219. [Trinity] How to remove crap from your database [Picture Tutorial] ✓
  220. [Trinity] Make Your Trinity Realm Public & Fix Own Realmlist! [Picture Tutorial] ✓
  221. How to edit npc_text trinitycore
  222. Gm Box on Trinity (Latest)
  223. How to make quests Trinitycore
  224. How To get trinity for mac.Very easy a beginer tutroial
  225. [Trinity Core] Frostmourne(No downloads or Scripts)
  226. [Trinity] How to add a c++ script to your core.
  227. How can i do instant 80 ?
  228. My friend could enter my previous server.. but now..
  229. [Tutorial] How to make Custom Patches for 4.0.6
  230. Sanctuary Duel ZonE !! Updated !!
  231. Trinity hashed password
  232. How to make trinity server 3.3.5
  233. DB help for searching.
  234. Help!
  235. How to change existing items displays [DBC edit]
  236. [Video] How to setup your server under 2 minutes
  237. [How To] Black Market Auction House
  238. Quest level Modify
  239. Respawn where you died [Trinity] - DB and DBC
  240. How to make a NPC: Trinitycore
  241. How to make your NPC a vendor: Trinitycore
  242. How to enable custom things on world config read here if you don't know.
  243. [Trinity]Eassiest way to create a working custom patch [NEW RELEASE]
  244. [Tutorial] Making Buffer NPC
  245. Percent decrese (items)
  246. WoW Trinity GM Commands
  247. How to make a NPC drop loot: Trinitycore
  248. How to fix <raw data dir> <vmap dest dir> when trying to make vmaps
  249. Is the "creature_formations" table completely broken for anybody else?
  250. WoW Trinity 3.3.5a Commands