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  1. Noggit 3.x.x
  2. [Share] Armor / Weapon Changing
  3. [Model Edit] How To Get To GM Island
  4. YiasDX The new generation of Model Editing
  5. [Tutoiral] How to get to emerald dream
  6. [Model edit] Fish in wintergrasp
  7. Using Noggit
  8. [App] MyWarCraftStudio
  9. noggit 2.4.3
  10. [Share] Find All Models By Name
  11. [Share] Manual updating items.txt for model swapper
  12. [Share] Model Swapper By Glitchy 3.0+ Compatible
  13. [Share] Modifying a shield into an offhand or weapon
  14. [Share] How to change a race icon at the character creation screen.
  15. [Share] Editing Interface/HUD
  16. [Share] Make custom skins
  17. [Share] How to use WoWExplored's TableViewer
  18. [Share] Weapon Swing Animations
  19. [Share] Noob-friendly Title and Creature changing Guides
  20. [Share] Customize Your Title!
  21. [Share] Resizing Character Models
  22. [Share] Do-it-yourself Size Changing
  23. [Share] Model Injection Guide
  24. [Share] Creating and painting Mountains in Noggit
  25. [Share] Character to Creature
  26. [Share] Editing Creatures and Characters
  27. [Share] Swapping WMO's
  28. [Share] Simplified version to adding doodads
  29. [Share] DBC Editing - Weapons, Shields, and Armor
  30. [Share] Adding doodads and WMOs to maps using Cryects tools and NoggIt
  31. [Share] How to texture in Noggit
  32. [Share] Making Holes with Taliis & Noggit
  33. [Share] How to use WMO's of Northrend with NoggIT 1.3/1.4
  34. [App] Taliis
  35. [Share] Spell swapping for 3.x
  36. [Share] Null-out Geosets
  37. [Share] Particles: Adding, Coloring and More
  38. [Guide] New/Custom Continent [Share]
  39. how to model change in wow
  40. [App] BLP2PNG/PNG2BLP
  41. [Guide] Add Music to Zone
  42. [Guide] Change Face
  43. [Help][me][TheMagic!]
  44. [Guide] How to make custom race
  45. Request:How TO Change A Weapon
  46. [Tutorial] Changing Weapons
  47. MyWacraftStudio
  48. (Guide) How to Update to 3.3.5 If your enGB
  49. Maya model-editing | How to change create your own Models
  50. Help D:
  51. Noggit help :(
  52. How to remove IIS7? so apache can work?
  53. Reskin help
  54. [TUTORIAL] How to make Howling Fjord-Styled Mountains
  55. Please teach me how to model edit
  56. Custom class patch
  57. hey need help please
  58. Noggit3 Tutorial
  59. An In-Depth Guide to Texturing in Noggit
  60. [How to] Make custom loading screens!
  61. Paying 24$ for someone to give me a working noggit 3.x.x
  62. WORKING Noggit Tutorial
  63. nogg-it 3 help
  64. noggit3
  65. Looking for noggit 3.x.x Working
  66. [request] How do I add a new 3D model?
  67. [GUIDE] Obtain a Working Noggit v3 (Rev 104)
  68. [Share] Modcraft
  69. 3D upgrades? better character animations.
  70. modelediting
  71. Modcraft - WoW Tutorial Mapping.
  72. Noggit3 error... /cry
  73. Nogit Problem
  74. How to find all m2 and add to noggit!
  75. Copy A World?
  76. Model Edit for 3.3.5a
  77. [Guide] How to get Noggit Working: Windows
  78. [Providing Aid] World Building Help
  79. [Guide] Multirealm set up [mangos/trinity]
  80. wow model viewer (help needed)
  81. Answering Basic Noggit Quesions
  82. problem
  83. [Request]Blood elf patch...
  84. How to World Build: The Video(s)
  85. How To World Build: The Tutorials
  86. [How to] How to make a custom Login Screen/Music.
  87. Sending Patches To The Client Through The WoW Application
  88. [Video Tutorial] Changing The Color's Of Your Items
  89. A very brief explanation of hex editing
  90. am going crazy i need help
  91. Noggit3
  92. Account Messaging
  93. How To World Build: The Official Guide
  94. [Help]How to add objects via Noggit 3?
  95. [Need Help]
  96. [Noggit] Adding custom AreaID's and Child Areas
  97. Tutorial on ground effects for 3.3.5 custom maps.
  98. How to up stats limit
  99. [GUIDE] How to create a new map (new continent)
  100. [VIDEO]Convert Cataclysm Weapons to WoTLK | 010 Editor
  101. Convert Mop to Wotlk M2
  102. Help me for tileset
  103. [Need Help] Setting the Min level to join a battleground. +rep.
  104. [Arcemu] New Races
  105. [Mangos/Trinity] New Races (Server-Side)
  106. [QUESTION] Help me for Convert wmo mop to wotlk
  107. Error sets mob/cata to woltk 3.3.5a.
  108. Cata & Wotlk
  109. [VIDEO] How to Compile and Use S0SUM3's / Will's ADT Converter
  110. [TUTORIAL] Animated Models with MDX TO M2 Converter.
  111. [TUTORIAL] [VIDEO] How to Convert Cataclysm/MoP WMOs to WoTLK 3.3.5a
  112. [Tutorial] Mountainrange shaping.
  113. Graphics based editor for Wow world???
  114. [Problem] with AreaID Name
  115. [TUTORIAL] How to get WoD Player Models working in WotLK & WMV.
  116. Server side modificiations
  117. [Tutorial] Mac Guide to Modcraft
  118. [TUTORIAL] Add Mount Point & Position to NonMount Creatures
  119. [Help] Mop/Cata Item converted to Wotlk
  120. [Tutorial] How to get my Ported Maps to work in Noggit!
  121. [3 HOUR VIDEO TUTORIAL] Porting Cata-MoP Maps to WoTLK/TBC
  122. [Video Tutorial] - Easy Method For Making Specular Tilesets
  123. [Tutorial VIDEO] Manually Light Up A Custom WMO with 010 Editor
  124. [TUTORIAL] How to Convert WoD Models to WotLK+bonus mop info
  125. How To Make Unlisted/Secure MPQ for Cataclysm and MoP
  126. Tutorial - Recolor Weapon - Red Warglaive
  127. [Trinity][ArcEmu]How to Model Swap for 3.3.5a
  128. [How To]Web Server Start and basic Services
  129. [TUTORIAL:] a way to fix legion m2 anim
  130. [TuT-Eluna] New Dungeon Difficulty
  131. [Tutorial][Retro-porting] How to convert BFA Files to WOTLK m2/wmo
  132. world of warcraft DBC editing and item specs modification
  133. Tutorial: How to downport maps from cata-legion to 3.3.5a