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    Making a WoW Private server From scratch (include Website Free DESIGN!!!!)

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    Ok So hi Guy's today IM gonna teach you how to make a WoW Private server For Free including the WEBSITE!!

    Why this thread? Simply cause i saw alot of People Here Complaining about Making a website is costing 5$ and they can't afford it or they don't have a credit Card etc SO let's begin Folks

    1st Step: OK first of all let's Create a No-IP using this link:http://www.no-ip.com/ or Using DynDNS:http://www.dyndns.com/
    Ok after You registered You can Download No-IP if you use No-IP or just Skip to the Next Step If you use DyDNS

    2nd Step: OK now that you got a No-IP or a DynDNS you may want to download a Repack Or compile your Own server If You choose to Compile i suggest you use Arcemu Cause it's easy for beginner and Flexible (if your Advanced Use MaNGoS or any other Trunk) Arcemu Guide link:http://arcemu.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
    And if you choose a repack Simply go to AC-web.org Repack Section i Suggest TreeTree online 3.3.5a 12340x2 Repack if you want a Funserver If you Prefer Blizzlike i suggest you Cronic's Repack V1.8 3.3.5a BLIZZLIKE
    ok so If your Compiling Follow the Guide Step BY STEP! Don't skip any Part If You Get any error Compiling i can't help you since i get Error each Time i try Compiling After this GO Download One of those two Navicat:http://www.navicat.com/ or HeidiSQL:http://www.heidisql.com/Those Things are your Database Editor (you need it to make account adding custom and More). ok so lets Head to step 3

    3rd Step:Ok so now You may want to make your server Public using Config File in your Repack Folder or Homemade Compiled server Ok so here you go First Open Realm Config File and change this:

    <LogonServer Address = ""
    Port = "8093"
    Name = "Logon"
    RealmCount = "2">

    <Realm1 Name = "Realm"
    Address = "127.0.01:8130"
    Icon = "PVP"
    Population = "1.0"
    TimeZone = "8">

    <Realm2 Name = "Realm2"
    Address = ""
    Icon = "PVP"
    Population = "1.0"
    TimeZone = "8">

    To this:

    <LogonServer Address = ""
    Port = "8093"
    Name = "Logon"
    RealmCount = "2">

    <Realm1 Name = "Your realm name"
    Address = "your No-Ip or Dyndns IP Or simply your IP:8130"
    Icon = "PVP"
    Population = "1.0"
    TimeZone = "8">

    <Realm2 Name = "not important"
    Address = ""
    Icon = "PVP"
    Population = "1.0"
    TimeZone = "8">

    Ok so After You changed this
    You may want to Edit Some of your Exp rate Gold rate and Drop rate in World Config File

    So here is the line you need to Edit:

    <Rates Health="2"
    XP="20"(Killing mobs xp)
    QuestXP="30"(quest completation exp)
    ExploreXP="20"(explore reward exp)
    DropGrey="1"(drop rate)
    DropWhite="10"(drop rate)
    DropGreen="30"(drop rate)
    DropBlue="10000"(drop rate)
    DropPurple="2"(drop rate)
    DropOrange="2"(drop rate)
    DropArtifact="2"(drop rate)
    DropMoney="10"(drop rate for money)

    Ok so once your Done You go to Logon Config and Change this line:

    <LogonDatabase Hostname = "localhost"
    Username = "root"
    Password = "ascent"
    Name = "logon"
    Port = "3306"
    Type = "1">

    <Listen Host = ""
    ISHost = ""
    RealmListPort = "3724"
    ServerPort = "8093">

    <LogLevel Screen = "0"
    File = "-1">

    <Rates AccountRefresh = "300">

    <LogonServer RemotePassword = "your remote password your gonna use in heidiSQL or Navicat if you change it make sure to change it in optional and Wolrd Config file"
    AllowedIPs = ""
    AllowedModIPs = "">

    Ok so Now what you want to do is Open Your MYSQL.bat thingy and wait till it's all Loaded If it's loaded succesfully it should be like this :
    ok so now it's loaded YOu want to Open Navicat Or HeidiSQL and Create a Connection like this:

    Ok so now that you Opened a new Connection You may want to Create an Account like this:

    Ok once your done Go to your WoW Directory and Change your Realmlist to Your No-IP or DynDNS And Login mess around play a little bit do what you wanna do once your Done meet me at Step 4

    4th Stepk Since your Done playing With Your server You want to make a Website Using webs.com(it's Free)
    and while you make it Download this:http://www.wampserver.com/ And find a Account Registration Tutorial or take this one that is Pretty good:http://www.ac-web.org/forums/showthread.php?t=16935
    Once you did this you want to Put the link to your account registration Page In your main Website Page and Explain them everything and tell them the realmlist and the patch and bla bla bla like this:http://wow-berzek.tk/ (BTW it's my server but it's not on atm Cause im working on it with DEV'S)
    ok once your done you want to type .tk in google and click the first link put it your Web adress made with Webs.com exemple:yourwebpage.webs.com
    and type your adress link in your browser like this yourwebfreedomainname.tk
    and BAM! PAW!!! you got your freee WoW server Ready for Business and thing you may want to get some trusty people to work on your server after this

    Thanx guys it Was my lil guide on making a WoW private server Business

    CREDITS!!:TreeTree For he's awesome repack Cronic For he's Great Blizzlike repack and maybe me :'(? for a stupid guide that help alot of people AND don't forget to +Rep !!!!!!!!!!

    Long Life to Ac-Web and all it's contributor and repack developer
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    Thank you. +rep for trying to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nominey View Post
    it didnt help you?
    Didn't have the time to try it yet. Busy making my own server.

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    you're images towards the end don't show up on the forum... just fyi

    also i can't seem to log on to my server can you help me

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    Quote Originally Posted by tgeorge View Post
    you're images towards the end don't show up on the forum... just fyi

    also i can't seem to log on to my server can you help me
    add my MSN nominey@live.ca

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nascentes View Post
    What part of "unrelated to WoW" did you not understand?

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    hey man i was doundering if u could give me a tip

    every time i try to get my core from arcemy after is done says this

    Checkout from svn://arcemu.info/svn, revision HEAD, Fully recursive, Externals included
    Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'svn://arcemu.info/svn'
    Can't read from connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the
    remote host.
    remote host

    i know this much is not making the connection i have all the programs and the DB any help appriciated thank you

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    Useful guide, but a bit misleading.

    By "from scratch" I assumed is was about constructing and compiling a server, not assuming you have or use a repack :I

    but, +rep for what it is.

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    excusme sir i appriciate the response but i have to say ..i have most of the repacks here on archive ..i have been testing them and i have fixed a few thing ...turning a repack on is not hard ..i want to step it up and compile my own so i can contribute to the community and try my luck at the same time ..i have tried to fallow a guide from here but i got stack when i tried to get the Core like i said it was not making connection but i got the DB ....so idk if it's becouse arcemu change websites or if they are on development of a different core ..i dont know what the deal is

    after i install world of warcraft i change the dirrectory forder name ..that way i can do a second installetion ..so at this moment i'm running
    3 repacks 3.3.5a ....4.0.6 and 4.3.4 on the same computer and with out having to install client cus i already did

    any tips on the compile prossess would be appriciated ty wqcub
    btw ty for the links i'll give that guide a try tyvm sir .....yay new pic
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