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    Exclamation [Tutorial]: How to get those "Hidden" Display Id's (NPC gear, etc)

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    Ok, so in this tutorial I'm going to tell you how to get hidden display ids for armor/weapons, etc. First, go to this link and download WoWModelViewer.
    WoW Model Viewer
    After that's downloaded, download MyWarcraftStudio.
    First, we need top open up WoWModelViewer and find what we want. Click on the Item tab, then click objectcomponents, and click "weapon".

    Now scroll down and find something. In this case im going to use Frostmourne. Scroll down until you find it or pick something else.

    Now we open up MyWarcraftStudio.

    Click File, then click "Open MPQ Archive".
    Browse to WoW's data folder, and go in there. Go into the enUS folder and open up locale-enUS.MPQ.

    Then open the DBFilesClient tab and scroll down to Itemdisplayinfo.dbc.

    A box will pop up. In the search bar type in the name of the item you picked out in WoWModelViewer as it appeared.

    So in my case im going to type in sword_2h_frostmourne_d_01

    To the left of the name of your weapon or whatever will be an ID. That is the display ID. And there you go. You can use that on wow-v or whatever to make your item. (On wow-v it may tell you you are using a "wrong" display ID, but dont worry about it, some items arent in the database, thus they are called "hidden" or "unused" display ID's. But the truth is, Blizzard has the item data written into the patches and their database already, (for items like Frostmourne), but they simply havent been used yet. Have fun
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    Nice guide. alot will benefit from this. +rep

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    Quote Originally Posted by achieq View Post
    Supply a link when you accuse :O

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    I'm back, sorta.

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    Nice tutorial mate


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    This guide helped me alot. Thanks mate. +rep

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    wow model edits are big right now.. i dont see where you gain but its fun to mess with if your bored.. and i meen *Bored*

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    Mywarcraftstudio link isent working... It's also impossible to find it anywhere else:\

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    This only explains how to find the display IDs of weapons.

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    Nice man! I've been looking for this for a while!!!! -The links are both down for me... : / Luckily I have them both MWS/WMV Well good luck for everyone else looking for these types of things!!!

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    how can i get ids for like npcs and items liek shoulders/hats its not on item list and btw how can i like get weapons in diff colours because some of these items can have liek diff colours how cani get 1s in dif colour on server plz?

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    oh my god this Thread is Old >..<

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    Quote Originally Posted by KAKA2081 View Post
    oh my god this Thread is Old >..<
    Yet you still take the time to search old threads and post on them.



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