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Thread: Free GM Server

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    Exclamation Free GM Server

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    Yup, I know it's a stupid idea but my internet isn't fast enough to support a major server and I'm sicking of playing alone, so I'm starting a server just to hang out on a build stuff etc.. Won't be major or anything though, don't expect to not lose anything ever I know there will be some stupid GM who will go around and just delete stuff for fun, It's on Hamachi with no account page, I could make it public and all that stuff but it's just for hanging out

    The Server info is:

    Realmlist -

    Hamachi Networks (Pass for all of them is 123):

    ArcEmu 3.1x - Full
    MoA 2 - Full
    MoA 3
    MoA 4
    MoA 5

    Post below your account name and what expansions you have and I'll PM you your account password (yes I am picking the passwords)

    Oh yeah some info:

    3.1.3 Server
    Hosted on ArcEmu
    Instant 80 Funserver
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    I would join but Im to busy right now, I have suggestions for you. Find some trusted gms to watch over people who run wild. That would be fun to do in my opinion, but im to busy

    I might join later, so all just get an account later so I can sign on if your gone.
    Account Name-Ndogg

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    There is a server listing section for a reason.

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    Okay, I'll create it and PM you the pass, I'm assuming you have LK installed


    Yeah, but it's not really like the other server listing, well I can't move it now, unless a mod does >.<
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    Username ----- Conner

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    Pm it to me..

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    hehe joining

    username: arjo112

    pass: pm it


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    it says login server down..

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    Idk what happened, but you said it works now

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    My pass isnt working



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