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    Talking WoW Wotlk Arcemu GAME OBJECTS

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    Hey here is some of my game objects... There is more then 1000 of them.

    EDIT: for wow wotlk versions 3.0.9 and lower... i making them to be 3.1.3

    Good luck.

    And if somebady can make object list... I will post credits to that person




    Vinc - me for making all this game objects
    skreem - for making objects list
    Foxx - for trying to help with list
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    pics please

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    Really nice, good work, netko.

    Epic! +4 Rep.

    I really like them.


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    Nice job. Good contribute.
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    Ill make ID list, gonna take a long time tho

    90000 - Dark Bush
    90001 - Black Temple Door
    90002 - Red Crystal
    90003 - Red Powercore
    90004 - Moving Cube
    90005 - Monolith
    90006 - Human Wagon
    90007 - Grass
    90008 - Peace Bloom
    90009 - Glowing Mushrooms
    90010 - Miniture Palm Tree
    90011 - Silver Leaf
    90012 - Snake Bloom
    90013 - Root
    90014 - Star Dust Bush
    90015 - Steel Bloom
    90016 - Yellow Flowers
    90017 - Thorn Root
    90018 - Purple Flowers
    90019 - Black Flower
    90020 - Blue Flowers
    90021 - Red Flowers
    90022 - Crown Royal
    90023 - White Flower
    90024 - Fade leaf
    90025 - Fel Weed
    90026 - Fire Bloom
    90027 - Flaming Flowers
    90028 - Gravemoss
    90029 - Ice cap
    90030 - Life Root
    90031 - Bloody Cage
    90032 - WOTLK Banner
    90033 - Hanging Body
    90034 - Cauldron
    90035 - Brazier Purple
    90036 - Brazier Green
    90037 - Brazier Orange
    90038 - Crystal Ball
    90039 - Skeleton in a jar
    90040 - Spider Door
    90041 - Skull Furnace
    90042 - Skull Gate
    90043 - Skull Anvil
    90044 - Skull Throne
    90045 - Badlands Symbol
    90046 - DarkIron Forge
    90047 - Arena Banner
    90048 - DarkIron Safe
    90049 - Gem on Pillow
    90050 - IF Coal
    There is so far
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    thanks to all

    i will upload pictures of my favorite game objects tomorrow becous I am busy write now.

    I am working on new game like ogame and one more for star trek company and making movie with friends in wow... That is a lot of work and I dont have enought time for all... So tomorrow pics will be uploaded

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    Entry ID-90000Display ID-1368 Dark Bush 
    Entry ID-90001Display ID-7388 Black Temple Door 
    Entry ID-90002Display ID-6837 Red Crystal 
    Entry ID-90003Display ID-6844 Red Powercore 
    Entry ID-90004Display ID-6896 Moving Cube 
    Entry ID-90005Display ID-7016 Monolith 
    Entry ID-90006Display ID-7184 Human Wagon 
    Entry ID-90007Display ID-2315 Grass 
    Entry ID-90008Display ID-269 Peace Bloom 
    Entry ID-90009Display ID-6949 Glowing Mushrooms 
    Entry ID-90010Display ID-4652 Miniture Palm Tree 
    Entry ID-90011Display ID-270 Silver Leaf 
    Entry ID-90012Display ID-390 Snake Bloom 
    Entry ID-90013Display ID-414 Root 
    Entry ID-90014Display ID-678 Star Dust Bush 
    Entry ID-90015Display ID-371 Steel Bloom 
    Entry ID-90016Display ID-272 Yellow Flowers 
    Entry ID-90017Display ID-271 Thorn Root 
    Entry ID-90018Display ID-2310 Purple Flowers 
    Entry ID-90019Display ID-4636 Black Flower 
    Entry ID-90020Display ID-2311 Blue Flowers 
    Entry ID-90021Display ID-6777 Red Flowers 
    Entry ID-90022Display ID-320 Crown Royal 
    Entry ID-90023Display ID-6948 White Flower 
    Entry ID-90024Display ID-697 Fade leaf 
    Entry ID-90025Display ID-6968 Fel Weed 
    Entry ID-90026Display ID-2312 Fire Bloom 
    Entry ID-90027Display ID-6966 Flaming Flowers 
    Entry ID-90028Display ID-357 Gravemoss 
    Entry ID-90029Display ID-4634 Ice cap 
    Entry ID-90030Display ID-677 Life Root 
    Entry ID-90031Display ID-4151 Bloody Cage 
    Entry ID-90032Display ID-4093 WOTLK Banner 
    Entry ID-90033Display ID-5832 Hanging Body 
    Entry ID-90034Display ID-4271 Cauldron 
    Entry ID-90035Display ID-7292 Brazier Purple 
    Entry ID-90036Display ID-7293 Brazier Green 
    Entry ID-90037Display ID-7294 Brazier Orange 
    Entry ID-90038Display ID-4891 Crystal Ball 
    Entry ID-90039Display ID-7307 Skeleton in a jar 
    Entry ID-90040Display ID-3632 Spider Door 
    Entry ID-90041Display ID-6684 Skull Furnace 
    Entry ID-90042Display ID-6685 Skull Gate 
    Entry ID-90043Display ID-6701 Skull Anvil 
    Entry ID-90044Display ID-6690 Skull Throne 
    Entry ID-90045Display ID-316 Badlands Symbol 
    Entry ID-90046Display ID-3351 DarkIron Forge 
    Entry ID-90047Display ID-6663 Arena Banner 
    Entry ID-90048Display ID-3014 DarkIron Safe 
    Entry ID-90049Display ID-3511 Gem on Pillow 
    Entry ID-90050Display ID-2470 IF Coal 
    Entry ID-90051Display ID-1427 Platinum Disk 
    Entry ID-90052Display ID-1327 Small BlackHole 
    Entry ID-90053Display ID-7195 Large Human Tent 
    Entry ID-90054Display ID-7453 Fishing Chair 
    Entry ID-90055Display ID-6362 Orc Bench 
    Entry ID-90056Display ID-6668 Emerald Dream Catcher 
    Entry ID-90057Display ID-7332 Emerald Dream Catcher 
    Entry ID-90058Display ID-7333 Emerald Dream Catcher 
    Entry ID-90059Display ID-7322 Emerald Dream Flower 
    Entry ID-90060Display ID-7321 Emerald Dream Fountain Tree 
    Entry ID-90061Display ID-7323 Emerald Dream Purple Flower 
    Entry ID-90062Display ID-7324 Emerald Dream Flower 
    Entry ID-90063Display ID-7325 Emerald Dream Drooping Flower 
    Entry ID-90064Display ID-7326 Emerald Dream Spinning Flower 
    Entry ID-90065Display ID-7327 Emerald Dream Fountain Tree 
    Entry ID-90066Display ID-7328 Emerald Dream Fountain Tree 
    Entry ID-90067Display ID-7329 Emerald Dream Fountain Tree 
    Entry ID-90068Display ID-6873 Paladin Shrine 
    Entry ID-90069Display ID-6907 Meat Wagon 
    Entry ID-90070Display ID-455 Undead Elevator 
    Entry ID-90071Display ID-1047 Under City Monster Birth 
    Entry ID-90072Display ID-4911 Under City Worm 
    Entry ID-90073Display ID-231 Gnome Machine 
    Entry ID-90074Display ID-2354 Spot Light 
    Entry ID-90075Display ID-5311 Hazard Light 
    Entry ID-90076Display ID-6839 Gnome Machine 
    Entry ID-90077Display ID-7081 Gnome Machine2 
    Entry ID-90078Display ID-7082 Gnome Machine3 
    Entry ID-90079Display ID-3031 Zeplin 
    Entry ID-90080Display ID-392 Bed 
    Entry ID-90081Display ID-5911 Pillow 
    Entry ID-90082Display ID-3831 Subway Car 
    Entry ID-90083Display ID-5332 Red Hazordous Light 
    Entry ID-90084Display ID-1167 Stormwind Mage portal 
    Entry ID-90085Display ID-2615 Altar 
    Entry ID-90086Display ID-6429 Carnival Cannon 
    Entry ID-90087Display ID-6430 Carnival Cannon Target 
    Entry ID-90088Display ID-6152 Carnival Speaker Stand 
    Entry ID-90089Display ID-3991 Cracked Ice 
    Entry ID-90090Display ID-7251 Coffin 
    Entry ID-90091Display ID-7059 Draenei Spirit 
    Entry ID-90092Display ID-1213 Floating skull 
    Entry ID-90093Display ID-6678 Necropolis 
    Entry ID-90094Display ID-6400 Witch hat 
    Entry ID-90095Display ID-240 Candel 
    Entry ID-90096Display ID-154 Dog House 
    Entry ID-90097Display ID-420 Drapes 
    Entry ID-90098Display ID-6938 Gryphon Roost 
    Entry ID-90099Display ID-5392 Gypsy Wagon 
    Entry ID-90100Display ID-6815 Uther Statue 
    Entry ID-90101Display ID-7428 Redridge Chapel 
    Entry ID-90102Display ID-7434 Lumber Mill 
    Entry ID-90103Display ID-7436 Burnt House 
    Entry ID-90104Display ID-7432 Duskwood House 
    Entry ID-90105Display ID-7288 Terokkar Tree (Large) 
    Entry ID-90106Display ID-7458 Druid Tower 
    Entry ID-90107Display ID-7465 Human House 
    Entry ID-90108Display ID-7466 Zep Tower 
    Entry ID-90109Display ID-7474 Giant Totem 
    Entry ID-90110Display ID-7388 BT gates Solid 
    Entry ID-90111Display ID-7018 Blade Thrower 
    Entry ID-90112Display ID-2410 Landing pad 
    Entry ID-90113Display ID-7133 Hourglass 
    Entry ID-90114Display ID-7154 Prison Gate 
    Entry ID-90115Display ID-5975 Westfall tree 
    Entry ID-90116Display ID-7019 Human Tank 
    Entry ID-90117Display ID-7246 God Altar 
    Entry ID-90118Display ID-471 Stormwind 
    Entry ID-90119Display ID-7321 Emerald dream Tree 
    Entry ID-90120Display ID-7402 Warcraft2 Dark Portal 
    Entry ID-90121Display ID-7165 Orc Barracks 
    Entry ID-90122Display ID-7087 NE Ship 
    Entry ID-90123Display ID-3031 Zeppelin 
    Entry ID-90124Display ID-2170 Bamboo Holding pen 
    Entry ID-90125Display ID-629 Orc Tower 
    Entry ID-90126Display ID-628 Guard Tower 
    Entry ID-90127Display ID-368 Moonwell 
    Entry ID-90128Display ID-476 Ship 
    Entry ID-90129Display ID-6557 Elves Dock 
    Entry ID-90130Display ID-7552 Pirate Ship 
    Entry ID-90131Display ID-7440 Stone 
    Entry ID-90132Display ID-661 Big tower 
    Entry ID-90133Display ID-7439 Bridge 
    Entry ID-90134Display ID-6795 banner 
    Entry ID-90135Display ID-7592 Statue 
    Entry ID-90136Display ID-7733 Crafter 
    Entry ID-90137Display ID-7416 Sign 
    Entry ID-90138Display ID-1508 Bigpole

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    Entry ID-90271Display ID-787 Duel Flag 
    Entry ID-90272Display ID-392 Inn Dobble Bed 
    Entry ID-90273Display ID-6688 Webs 
    Entry ID-90274Display ID-6934 Exodor INN Sign 
    Entry ID-90275Display ID-7196 Kael Statue 
    Entry ID-90276Display ID-6514 Stable 
    Entry ID-90277Display ID-6325 Pumpkin Patch 
    Entry ID-90278Display ID-6231 Light HouseLight 
    Entry ID-90279Display ID-5291 COT_DARKPORTALPARTICLES 
    Entry ID-90280Display ID-5911 INN Pillow 
    Entry ID-90281Display ID-5251 Xmas Tree 
    Entry ID-90282Display ID-2615 Serpent Altar 
    Entry ID-90283Display ID-2472 Demon Glow 
    Entry ID-90284Display ID-2107 Holding Pen 
    Entry ID-90285Display ID-1928 Apple Bowl 
    Entry ID-90286Display ID-1907 Mailbox 
    Entry ID-90287Display ID-1727 Beer Keg 
    Entry ID-90288Display ID-1807 Red Crystal 
    Entry ID-90289Display ID-7533 Voodoo Drum 
    Entry ID-90290Display ID-7501 Beerfest Wagon 
    Entry ID-90291Display ID-7460 Tauren Log Chair 1
    Entry ID-90292Display ID-7416 Under Construction Sign 
    Entry ID-90293Display ID-7412 Gnome Pipe 
    Entry ID-90294Display ID-7389 Blanket Umbrella 
    Entry ID-90295Display ID-7305 Skleton Laying 01 
    Entry ID-90296Display ID-7311 Skleton Laying 02 
    Entry ID-90297Display ID-7312 Skleton Laying 03 
    Entry ID-90298Display ID-6873 Paladin_Shrine 
    Entry ID-90299Display ID-3991 Cracked_ice01 
    Entry ID-90300Display ID-7357 g_conjuretable 
    Entry ID-90301Display ID-1247 g_GhostTrap 
    Entry ID-90302Display ID-2710 g_stonesofbinding 
    Entry ID-90303Display ID-7207 MagtheridonTrophyPost 
    Entry ID-90304Display ID-4291 winterspringaltar01 
    Entry ID-90305Display ID-7353 DragonBonesSkull 
    Entry ID-90306Display ID-2490 StoneKeeperAltar 
    Entry ID-90307Display ID-4733 painting02 
    Entry ID-90308Display ID-1708 BrambleStaff 
    Entry ID-90309Display ID-1107 HammerQuest01 
    Entry ID-90310Display ID-2371 MargolReaverHorn 
    Entry ID-90311Display ID-2470 HotCoals 
    Entry ID-90312Display ID-6465 IronForgeSteamTank 
    Entry ID-90313Display ID-3693 BlackRockSeal 
    Entry ID-90314Display ID-4076 BlackRockAltarRitual 
    Entry ID-90315Display ID-2750 BlackRockDoors01 
    Entry ID-90316Display ID-4331 PlagueCauldron 
    Entry ID-90317Display ID-4211 BloodOfHeroes 
    Entry ID-90318Display ID-7424 Final_Stage 
    Entry ID-90319Display ID-7343 GoldPileLarge01 
    Entry ID-90320Display ID-6848 TestBall 
    Entry ID-90321Display ID-6771 SummerFest_MayPole 
    Entry ID-90322Display ID-1027 ShamanStone01 
    Entry ID-90323Display ID-235 Runestone 
    Entry ID-90324Display ID-410 FlameCircle 
    Entry ID-90325Display ID-6679 g_ScourgeRuneCircleCrystal 
    Entry ID-90326Display ID-6931 NEShrineSatyr 
    Entry ID-90327Display ID-5212 CentaurTeleporter01 
    Entry ID-90328Display ID-5317 MaraudonStaffCreator 
    Entry ID-90329Display ID-3080 UngoroCrystalPylon01 
    Entry ID-90330Display ID-2971 UngoroCrystalBlue01 
    Entry ID-90331Display ID-2975 UngoroCrystalBlue02 
    Entry ID-90332Display ID-2976 UngoroCrystalGreen01 
    Entry ID-90333Display ID-2975 UngoroCrystalGreen02 
    Entry ID-90334Display ID-2973 UngoroCrystalRed01 
    Entry ID-90335Display ID-2977 UngoroCrystalRed02 
    Entry ID-90336Display ID-2974 UngoroCrystalYellow01 
    Entry ID-90337Display ID-2978 UngoroCrystalYellow02 
    Entry ID-90338Display ID-6690 Kelthuzad_Throne 
    Entry ID-90339Display ID-6770 Kelthuzad_Window_Portal 
    Entry ID-90340Display ID-6701 Nox_Anvil 
    Entry ID-90341Display ID-6910 Hellfire_DarkPortal_fx 
    Entry ID-90342Display ID-7166 et_Lamppost01 
    Entry ID-90343Display ID-7179 dr_Knickknack_02b 
    Entry ID-90344Display ID-7059 Draenei_spirit_Red 
    Entry ID-90345Display ID-7127 Auchindoun_Bridge_FX 
    Entry ID-90346Display ID-7128 Auchindoun_Bridge_Spirits_Flying 
    Entry ID-90347Display ID-7213 be_ArcaneBomb 
    Entry ID-90348Display ID-7214 be_ArcaneBomb_Orb 
    Entry ID-90349Display ID-4972 g_ritualofdoom 
    Entry ID-90350Display ID-6678 g_necropolis 
    Entry ID-90351Display ID-7051 ThousandNeedlesBridge 
    Entry ID-90352Display ID-7335 BabyGnome 
    Entry ID-90353Display ID-7334 BabyDwarf 
    Entry ID-90354Display ID-7337 BabyHuman 
    Entry ID-90355Display ID-7336 BabyNightElf 
    Entry ID-90356Display ID-7338 BabyTauren 
    Entry ID-90357Display ID-7339 BabyTroll 
    Entry ID-90358Display ID-7341 AerieTree03 
    Entry ID-90359Display ID-7340 NEMagicImplement09 
    Entry ID-90360Display ID-7342 Karazhan_Observe_Door 
    Entry ID-90361Display ID-7344 Altartidalmastery01 
    Entry ID-90362Display ID-7345 Hellfirecrystalformation3 
    Entry ID-90363Display ID-7346 Chromatic_Crystral_Formation02 
    Entry ID-90364Display ID-7347 Chromatic_Crystral_Formation01 
    Entry ID-90365Display ID-7350 dr_brazier01 
    Entry ID-90366Display ID-7351 KarazahnOwlStatue 
    Entry ID-90367Display ID-7531 Zulaman_Firedoor 
    Entry ID-90368Display ID-7530 Zulaman_Winddoor 
    Entry ID-90369Display ID-1647 g_ManaRift 
    Entry ID-90370Display ID-6668 EmeraldDreamCatcher01 
    Entry ID-90371Display ID-7321 EmeraldDreamFountainTree01 
    Entry ID-90372Display ID-7531 EmeraldDreamCatcher03 
    Entry ID-90373Display ID-7333 EmeraldDreamCatcher04 
    Entry ID-90374Display ID-1527 StatueHMPriest 
    Entry ID-90375Display ID-4853 BFDStatueNagaPriestess 
    Entry ID-90376Display ID-6820 StatueHMPaladin 
    Entry ID-90377Display ID-6821 DireMaulStoneBearStatue 
    Entry ID-90378Display ID-6822 DireMaulStoneDeerStatue 
    Entry ID-90379Display ID-6823 DireMaulStoneOwlStatue 
    Entry ID-90380Display ID-6859 g_FlareAlliance 
    Entry ID-90381Display ID-6860 g_FlareHorde 
    Entry ID-90382Display ID-6332 AirRift 
    Entry ID-90383Display ID-6333 FireRift 
    Entry ID-90384Display ID-6397 WaterRift 
    Entry ID-90385Display ID-6435 Tradeskill_FishSchool_03 
    Entry ID-90386Display ID-6452 GreenGroundFog 
    Entry ID-90387Display ID-7416 UnderConstruction01 
    Entry ID-90388Display ID-2410 LandingPad01 
    Entry ID-90389Display ID-3531 GiantSeaTurtle02 
    Entry ID-90390Display ID-3534 GiantSeaTurtle01 
    Entry ID-90391Display ID-4691 DSNightElfMoonWellOrnate 
    Entry ID-90392Display ID-3 TrollWatchTower 
    Entry ID-90393Display ID-2590 CrystallizedTroll01 
    Entry ID-90394Display ID-2591 CrystallizedHuman01 
    Entry ID-90395Display ID-2615 SerpentAltar 
    Entry ID-90396Display ID-6695 Frostwyrm_Waterfall 
    Entry ID-90397Display ID-7475 BigBridgeWhite 
    Entry ID-90398Display ID-7465 WestFallHumanFarm 
    Entry ID-90399Display ID-7505 40ManArmyGeneral 
    Entry ID-90400Display ID-7466 OrcZeppelinHouse 
    Entry ID-90401Display ID-7281 TerrokarTreeMicro 
    Entry ID-90402Display ID-7196 KaelthasStatue 
    Entry ID-90403Display ID-5291 cot_portalparticles 
    Entry ID-90404Display ID-4713 COT_Portal01 
    Entry ID-90405Display ID-231 GnomeMachine (Laboratory imo.) 
    Entry ID-90406Display ID-5551 GMChairLOEND01 (The Chair) 
    Entry ID-90407Display ID-3831 SubwayCar 
    Entry ID-90408Display ID-4911 UndercityWorm 
    Entry ID-90409Display ID-7299 CollisionWallPvPTextured 
    Entry ID-90410Display ID-5973 PvP_Rune_Speed_Icon 
    Entry ID-90411Display ID-523 RazorfenForceField 
    Entry ID-90412Display ID-7084 BE_LanternRed001 
    Entry ID-90413Display ID-261 GiantClamActive 
    Entry ID-90414Display ID-1370 UldamanDoor01 
    Entry ID-90415Display ID-1347 HumanMaleScale 
    Entry ID-90416Display ID-1167 StormwindMagePortal 
    Entry ID-90417Display ID-1187 DuskwoodMausoleum 
    Entry ID-90418Display ID-3171 Tombstonemonument02 
    Entry ID-90419Display ID-6513 Distillery 
    Entry ID-90420Display ID-621 EyeOfSeethe (Azora) 
    Entry ID-90421Display ID-5112 Waterbasin 
    Entry ID-90422Display ID-1787 Cage02 
    Entry ID-90423Display ID-675 Cage03 
    Entry ID-90424Display ID-6858 Cage01 
    Entry ID-90425Display ID-2048 NEShrine 
    Entry ID-90426Display ID-2067 SkullSpear01 
    Entry ID-90427Display ID-2087 ENCHAIR03 
    Entry ID-90428Display ID-2088 ENCHAIR02 
    Entry ID-90429Display ID-2089 g_GnomeMultiBox 
    Entry ID-90430Display ID-2090 FelwoodMushroom02 
    Entry ID-90431Display ID-2091 g_GnomeTerminal 
    Entry ID-90432Display ID-90 StranglethornWaterfall01 
    Entry ID-90433Display ID-212 SerpentStatue02 
    Entry ID-90434Display ID-652 TrollShrine 
    Entry ID-90435Display ID-653 StranglethornTikiHead 
    Entry ID-90438Display ID-2170 HoldingPenBamboo 
    Entry ID-90437Display ID-6383 TrollRuinsGong03 
    Entry ID-90439Display ID-7173 StranglethornPlant03 
    Entry ID-90440Display ID-7174 StranglethornPlant01 
    Entry ID-90441Display ID-7175 StranglethornPlant02 
    Entry ID-90442Display ID-7176 StranglethornPlant05 
    Entry ID-90443Display ID-7177 CharredBody02 
    Entry ID-90444Display ID-7178 CharredBody03 
    Entry ID-90445Display ID-7180 Hologram_VoidWalker 
    Entry ID-90446Display ID-7181 TerokkarCrystal03 
    Entry ID-90447Display ID-7182 NS_Biodome_Generic 
    Entry ID-90448Display ID-7183 ET_Cage 
    Entry ID-90449Display ID-7184 HumanWagon01 
    Entry ID-90450Display ID-6231 LighthouseEffect 
    Entry ID-90451Display ID-7063 Karazhan_RedRidingHood_House 
    Entry ID-90452Display ID-7436 DuskwoodDarmHouseBurnt 
    Entry ID-90453Display ID-7433 GriffonAviary 
    Entry ID-90454Display ID-7447 FlamingPumpkinHead 
    Entry ID-90455Display ID-7450 Chapel 
    Entry ID-90456Display ID-7449 DuskwoodChapel 
    Entry ID-90457Display ID-7453 FishingChair 
    Entry ID-90458Display ID-7474 GiantTotem 
    Entry ID-90459Display ID-7510 MoleMachine 
    Entry ID-90460Display ID-7507 ShoutBawx_Generix 
    Entry ID-90461Display ID-7511 Ragdoll_02 
    Entry ID-90462Display ID-7512 Ragdoll_03 
    Entry ID-90463Display ID-7513 Ragdoll_04 
    Entry ID-90464Display ID-7514 Radgoll_05 
    Entry ID-90465Display ID-3611 BlastedLandsLightningBolt 
    Entry ID-90466Display ID-3612 AuraGreen 
    Entry ID-90467Display ID-3613 DrumGiant01 
    Entry ID-90468Display ID-3614 SmallPortcullis 
    Entry ID-90469Display ID-3631 LargePortcullis 
    Entry ID-90470Display ID-3632 Ziggurat Door 
    Entry ID-90471Display ID-3911 WarchiefRendsHead 
    Entry ID-90472Display ID-3931 Temporal_Displacement 
    Entry ID-90473Display ID-4052 g_BellShip 
    Entry ID-90474Display ID-4411 GlowingOgreHead 
    Entry ID-90475Display ID-4712 LichContainer01 
    Entry ID-90476Display ID-6924 Exodar_Narucore_FX 
    Entry ID-90477Display ID-7122 Exodar_PaladinShrine_EnergyFX 
    Entry ID-90478Display ID-7357 Exodar_Sky_Portal 
    Entry ID-90479Display ID-7162 Crystal_Corrupted 
    Entry ID-90480Display ID-7115 TK_Factory_Door 
    Entry ID-90481Display ID-7117 Shattrath_Naaru_Energy_FX 
    Entry ID-90482Display ID-7130 TK_ArcaneDoor_VERT 
    Entry ID-90483Display ID-7131 TK_ArcaneDoor_Horiz 
    Entry ID-90484Display ID-7136 TK_Raid_Windows_Tall 
    Entry ID-90485Display ID-7139 TK_RaidDoor 
    Entry ID-90486Display ID-7145 CollectorTubesStraightState 
    Entry ID-90487Display ID-7302 SkeletonSitting01 
    Entry ID-90488Display ID-7303 SkeletonSitting02 
    Entry ID-90489Display ID-7304 SkeletonSitting03 
    Entry ID-90490Display ID-7305 SkeletonLaying01 
    Entry ID-90491Display ID-7306 SkeletonSitting05\4 
    Entry ID-90492Display ID-7307 SkeletonInAJar

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    Entry ID-90493Display ID-7308 LightSkeletonSitting01 
    Entry ID-90494Display ID-7309 LightSkeletonSitting02 
    Entry ID-90495Display ID-7310 LightSkeletonSitting03 
    Entry ID-90496Display ID-7311 LightSkeletonLaying02 
    Entry ID-90497Display ID-7312 LightSkeletonLaying03 
    Entry ID-90498Display ID-7315 WailingDruidBed 
    Entry ID-90499Display ID-7316 WC_BedStone 
    Entry ID-90500Display ID-7317 COT_LightshaftA 
    Entry ID-90501Display ID-7318 AerieBoulder02 
    Entry ID-90502Display ID-7319 BT_CommonDoor 
    Entry ID-90503Display ID-7320 BT_Gate 
    Entry ID-90504Display ID-7331 MoonWellWaterFX 
    Entry ID-90505Display ID-7384 BT_IllidanDoor 
    Entry ID-90506Display ID-7402 Warcraft2DarkPortal 
    Entry ID-90507Display ID-7395 DragonKinNest01 
    Entry ID-90508Display ID-7396 DragonKinNest02 
    Entry ID-90509Display ID-7397 DragonKinNest03 
    Entry ID-90510Display ID-7398 DragonEgg01 
    Entry ID-90511Display ID-7594 EagleThrone01 
    Entry ID-90512Display ID-5051 GoblinShredderSuit02 
    Entry ID-90513Display ID-5071 LavaSmokeEmitterB 
    Entry ID-90514Display ID-6638 GoblinHutBottles 
    Entry ID-90515Display ID-6639 GoblinMachinery 
    Entry ID-90516Display ID-7021 GoblinTent06 
    Entry ID-90517Display ID-7083 GoblinWagonTNT_01 
    Entry ID-90518Display ID-7605 GuildVault_Goblin_01 
    Entry ID-90519Display ID-7604 GuildVault_BloodElf 
    Entry ID-90520Display ID-7606 GuildVault_Undercity 
    Entry ID-90521Display ID-7607 GuildVault_Human 
    Entry ID-90522Display ID-7608 GuildVault_Dwarf 
    Entry ID-90523Display ID-7613 GuildVault_Orc 
    Entry ID-90524Display ID-7615 GuildVault_NightElf 
    Entry ID-90525Display ID-7616 GuildVault_Tauren 
    Entry ID-90526Display ID-322 RazorFenLeanto03 
    Entry ID-90527Display ID-328 WarlockShrine 
    Entry ID-90528Display ID-323 TaurenSack02 
    Entry ID-90529Display ID-7229 NetherStorm_Particles 
    Entry ID-90530Display ID-296 WaterPump 
    Entry ID-90531Display ID-332 G_Watermelon 
    Entry ID-90532Display ID-5112 WaterBasin 
    Entry ID-90533Display ID-6148 WaterTroughSmall01 
    Entry ID-90534Display ID-6316 GenericSeaWeed10 
    Entry ID-90535Display ID-6317 GenericSeaWeed05 
    Entry ID-90536Display ID-155 ElwynnMushroom01 
    Entry ID-90537Display ID-159 StormwindRug01 
    Entry ID-90538Display ID-253 ElwynnFlower02 
    Entry ID-90539Display ID-249 NightElfRuins03 
    Entry ID-90540Display ID-250 DruidWisp01 
    Entry ID-90541Display ID-248 ArathiRock01 
    Entry ID-90542Display ID-251 Haystack01 
    Entry ID-90543Display ID-256 ElvenPottery01 
    Entry ID-90544Display ID-257 ElvenPotter02 
    Entry ID-90545Display ID-271 Thornroot01 
    Entry ID-90546Display ID-272 SwiftThistle01 
    Entry ID-90547Display ID-268 Magebloom01 
    Entry ID-90548Display ID-289 FirewoodPile03 
    Entry ID-90549Display ID-288 Barrel02 
    Entry ID-90550Display ID-293 TrollSkullPile 
    Entry ID-90551Display ID-294 Gallows01 
    Entry ID-90552Display ID-291 ElwynnMineCart 
    Entry ID-90553Display ID-295 G_LeverMetal 
    Entry ID-90554Display ID-297 Jar01 
    Entry ID-90555Display ID-299 ElwynnRock01 
    Entry ID-90556Display ID-300 DuskWoodCatails01 
    Entry ID-90557Display ID-307 LargeFirePit01 
    Entry ID-90558Display ID-353 DeadMineValveSteam02 
    Entry ID-90559Display ID-354 DeadminesValveSteam01 
    Entry ID-90560Display ID-355 BlackSmithForge 
    Entry ID-90561Display ID-356 GoblinControlPanel 
    Entry ID-90562Display ID-2091 G_GnomeTerminal 
    Entry ID-90563Display ID-6660 G_EpicBrazierYellow 
    Entry ID-90564Display ID-6661 G_EpicBrazierBlue 
    Entry ID-90565Display ID-6663 AremaFlag 
    Entry ID-91566Display ID-6665 IllidanCrystal01 
    Entry ID-91567Display ID-6666 LanternBlue 
    Entry ID-91568Display ID-6667 Hive_Fireflies 
    Entry ID-91569Display ID-6671 G_HolyLightWell 
    Entry ID-91570Display ID-6673 NoxDoor_Abom_Mini 
    Entry ID-91571Display ID-6680 AQ_Mummy01 
    Entry ID-91572Display ID-6681 Spring 
    Entry ID-91573Display ID-6682 FloatingBoards01 
    Entry ID-91574Display ID-6683 BrokenGateWood01 
    Entry ID-91575Display ID-6684 Furnace_Skull01 
    Entry ID-91576Display ID-6686 BlastedLandsSpine01 
    Entry ID-91577Display ID-6687 Nox_Door_Web_large 
    Entry ID-91578Display ID-7164 AlteracShrub03 
    Entry ID-91579Display ID-7165 OrcBarracks 
    Entry ID-91580Display ID-7160 DR_Lampost_01 
    Entry ID-91581Display ID-7037 BU_Felreaver01 
    Entry ID-91582Display ID-7038 Hellfire_FireParticle 
    Entry ID-91583Display ID-7039 BattleGladeShield2 
    Entry ID-91584Display ID-7040 BubblingBowl02 
    Entry ID-91585Display ID-7041 GnomeSteelPlate02 
    Entry ID-91586Display ID-7043 CF_ElevatorPlatform 
    Entry ID-91587Display ID-7046 GunShopTarget01 
    Entry ID-91588Display ID-7047 GunTargetStand 
    Entry ID-91589Display ID-7048 GunTargetDwarf 
    Entry ID-91590Display ID-7056 Karazhan_BrickRoad 
    Entry ID-91591Display ID-7057 Karazhan_RJ_Stars 
    Entry ID-91592Display ID-7054 AK_Scarecrow 
    Entry ID-91593Display ID-6965 EPL_PvP_Flags_NorthFort 
    Entry ID-91594Display ID-6966 Bush_FlameCap 
    Entry ID-91595Display ID-6970 TerrokarPineCone 
    Entry ID-91596Display ID-6971 DR_Fountain_Ruined 
    Entry ID-91597Display ID-6942 TaurenRug03 
    Entry ID-91598Display ID-7172 StranglethornPlant04 
    Entry ID-1234567Display ID-6873 Paladin_Shrine 
    Entry ID-1234568Display ID-3991 Cracked_ice01 
    Entry ID-1234569Display ID-7357 g_conjuretable 
    Entry ID-1234570Display ID-1247 g_GhostTrap 
    Entry ID-1234571Display ID-2710 g_stonesofbinding 
    Entry ID-90139Display ID-3471 bed 
    Entry ID-90140Display ID-5671 Lamppost 
    Entry ID-90141Display ID-139 Statue 
    Entry ID-90142Display ID-1527 Statupriest 
    Entry ID-90143Display ID-6815 statueuther 
    Entry ID-90144Display ID-787 duelflag 
    Entry ID-90145Display ID-294 gallows 
    Entry ID-90146Display ID-7343 Gold 
    Entry ID-90147Display ID-7338 baby 
    Entry ID-90148Display ID-131 Catapult 
    Entry ID-90149Display ID-7618 Goodbanner 
    Entry ID-90150Display ID-7621 bannergood 
    Entry ID-90151Display ID-7194 tent 
    Entry ID-90152Display ID-7602 bigbanner 
    Entry ID-90153Display ID-4713 Watchportal 
    Entry ID-90154Display ID-664 Watch tower 
    Entry ID-90155Display ID-2552 Clanabanner 
    Entry ID-90156Display ID-5834 fence 
    Entry ID-90157Display ID-131 Catapult - FLY FLY! 43621
    Entry ID-90158Display ID-228 ROCKET BOTTLE 43621
    Entry ID-90159Display ID-6667 Fire Flies 
    Entry ID-90160Display ID-6714 Icy Rune 
    Entry ID-90161Display ID-6665 Illidan Crystal 
    Entry ID-90162Display ID-7385 Blanket Grill 
    Entry ID-90163Display ID-7289 Blue Orc Blazier 
    Entry ID-90164Display ID-7537 conjuretable 
    Entry ID-90165Display ID-5994 G_Krusk Spear 
    Entry ID-90166Display ID-1347 Human Male 
    Entry ID-90167Display ID-7500 Beerfest Beer Vendor 
    Entry ID-90168Display ID-6708 Alliance Weapon Crate 
    Entry ID-90169Display ID-6709 Argent Dawn Banner 
    Entry ID-90170Display ID-6734 Floating Tree02 
    Entry ID-90171Display ID-6735 Floating Tree03 
    Entry ID-90172Display ID-6747 Frostwyrm Birth 
    Entry ID-90173Display ID-6804 Mummy Troll 
    Entry ID-90174Display ID-6815 Uther Statue 
    Entry ID-90175Display ID-6816 FelOrc Banner01 
    Entry ID-90176Display ID-316 Pentagram Dirt 
    Entry ID-90177Display ID-3711 Lava Rock01 
    Entry ID-90178Display ID-5734 Lava Rock06 
    Entry ID-90179Display ID-5735 Lava Rock05 
    Entry ID-90180Display ID-5736 Lava Rock02 
    Entry ID-90181Display ID-5738 Lava Rock04 
    Entry ID-90182Display ID-5739 Lava Rock03 
    Entry ID-90183Display ID-328 Warlock Shrine 
    Entry ID-90184Display ID-7266 Spike 
    Entry ID-90185Display ID-1467 Lava Sink 
    Entry ID-90186Display ID-603 Inn Bench 1
    Entry ID-90187Iron Gate 
    Entry ID-90188Display ID-6812 Human Baby 
    Entry ID-90189Display ID-7335 Gnome Baby 
    Entry ID-90190Display ID-7338 Taurren Baby 
    Entry ID-90191Display ID-7339 Troll Baby 
    Entry ID-90192Display ID-7434 Lumber Mill 
    Entry ID-90193Display ID-7336 Night Elf Baby 
    Entry ID-90194Display ID-7428 Redridge Chapel 
    Entry ID-90195Display ID-7334 Dwarf Baby 
    Entry ID-90196Display ID-7337 Orc Baby 
    Entry ID-90197Display ID-294 Gallows 
    Entry ID-90198Display ID-6654 Valentines Blanket 
    Entry ID-90199Display ID-6656 Valentines Crate 
    Entry ID-90200Display ID-41 Chest 03 
    Entry ID-90201Display ID-2352 Centaur Tent01 
    Entry ID-90202Display ID-7083 TNT Wagon 
    Entry ID-90203Display ID-5051 Goblin Shreedder 
    Entry ID-90204Display ID-3991 Cracked Ice 
    Entry ID-90205Display ID-4291 Alter 
    Entry ID-90206Display ID-3272 Light!! 
    Entry ID-90207Display ID-6450 Green Portal 
    Entry ID-90208Display ID-1167 Mage Portal Stormwind 
    Entry ID-90209Display ID-6957 ogrebannertiger 
    Entry ID-90210Display ID-1568 Night Elf Dresser 
    Entry ID-90211Display ID-7315 Druid Bed 
    Entry ID-90212Display ID-463 Bunkbed Bed 
    Entry ID-90213Display ID-245 Cannon 
    Entry ID-90214Display ID-398 Undead Fire 
    Entry ID-90215Display ID-5831 Arch Gate 
    Entry ID-90216Display ID-5392 Wagon 
    Entry ID-90217Display ID-205 Smelting Weapons 
    Entry ID-90218Display ID-7465 Farm 
    Entry ID-90219Display ID-6541 Xmas Lights 
    Entry ID-90220Display ID-6713 Throne 1
    Entry ID-90221Display ID-4 Dresser 
    Entry ID-90222Display ID-7002 Bone Dam 
    Entry ID-90223Display ID-90 Water Fall 
    Entry ID-90224Display ID-6749 Ghostlands Moonstone 
    Entry ID-90225Display ID-6928 Skull 
    Entry ID-90226Display ID-2231 Flies 
    Entry ID-90227Display ID-402 Murloc Alter 
    Entry ID-90228Display ID-429 Pearl 
    Entry ID-90229Display ID-379 Fossle 
    Entry ID-90230Display ID-7453 Fishing Chair 
    Entry ID-90231Display ID-6011 WSG Orc Gate 
    Entry ID-90232Display ID-2351 Pirate Flag 
    Entry ID-90233Display ID-2491 Wanted Poster 
    Entry ID-90234Display ID-3053 Wanted Poster 2 
    Entry ID-90235Display ID-471 Stormwind 
    Entry ID-90236Display ID-7321 Emerald dream Tree 
    Entry ID-90237Display ID-5975 Tree 
    Entry ID-90238Display ID-6668 Emerald Dream Catcher 
    Entry ID-90239Display ID-7332 Emerald Dream Catcher 2 
    Entry ID-90240Display ID-7018 Orc Blade Thrower 
    Entry ID-90241Display ID-6722 Floating Rubble

  10. #10

    Join Date
    Jun 2008
    C++/C#/Java Coder
    Entry ID-90242Display ID-7423 Shroom 
    Entry ID-90243Display ID-6806 Outland Plant 1 
    Entry ID-90244Display ID-4318 Outland Rubble 
    Entry ID-90245Display ID-967 Arathi Tree 
    Entry ID-90246Display ID-6480 Alterac Open Grave 
    Entry ID-90247Display ID-4151 Plageland Cage 
    Entry ID-90248Display ID-5832 Hanging Body 
    Entry ID-90249Display ID-5835 Hanging Body 2 
    Entry ID-90250Display ID-4331 Plague Cauldron 
    Entry ID-90251Display ID-4891 Crystal Ball 
    Entry ID-90252Display ID-6701 Nox Anvil 
    Entry ID-90253Display ID-7359 Alter of Souls 
    Entry ID-90254Display ID-761 Shake Box! 
    Entry ID-90255Display ID-2230 Cave In 
    Entry ID-90256Display ID-528 Animal Crate 
    Entry ID-90257Display ID-7270 Ballista 
    Entry ID-90258Display ID-330 Flying Machine 
    Entry ID-90259Display ID-1247 Trap 
    Entry ID-90260Display ID-2047 Goblin Teleporter 
    Entry ID-90261Display ID-768 Grave Burst 
    Entry ID-90262Display ID-6671 Light Well 25235
    Entry ID-90263Display ID-6671 Ice Block 
    Entry ID-90264Display ID-6752 Ice Block 
    Entry ID-90265Display ID-1647 Mana Rift 
    Entry ID-90266Display ID-6678 Necropolis 
    Entry ID-90267Display ID-7376 Spirit Totem 
    Entry ID-90268Display ID-7300 Well of Souls 
    Entry ID-90269Display ID-6316 Sea Weed 
    Entry ID-90270Display ID-522 Sheild 
    Entry ID-1234572Display ID-7207 MagtheridonTrophyPost 
    Entry ID-1234573Display ID-4291 winterspringaltar01 
    Entry ID-1234574Display ID-7353 DragonBonesSkull 
    Entry ID-1234575Display ID-2490 StoneKeeperAltar 
    Entry ID-1234576Display ID-4733 painting02 
    Entry ID-1234577Display ID-1708 BrambleStaff 
    Entry ID-1234578Display ID-1107 HammerQuest01 
    Entry ID-1234579Display ID-2371 MargolReaverHorn 
    Entry ID-1234580Display ID-2470 HotCoals 
    Entry ID-1234581Display ID-6465 IronForgeSteamTank 
    Entry ID-1234582Display ID-3693 BlackRockSeal 
    Entry ID-1234583Display ID-4076 BlackRockAltarRitual 
    Entry ID-1234584Display ID-2750 BlackRockDoors01 
    Entry ID-1234585Display ID-4331 PlagueCauldron 
    Entry ID-1234586Display ID-4211 BloodOfHeroes 
    Entry ID-1234587Display ID-7424 Final_Stage 
    Entry ID-1234588Display ID-7343 GoldPileLarge01 
    Entry ID-1234589Display ID-6848 TestBall 
    Entry ID-1234590Display ID-6771 SummerFest_MayPole 
    Entry ID-1234591Display ID-1027 ShamanStone01 
    Entry ID-1234592Display ID-235 Runestone 
    Entry ID-1234593Display ID-410 FlameCircle 
    Entry ID-1234594Display ID-6679 g_ScourgeRuneCircleCrystal 
    Entry ID-1234595Display ID-6931 NEShrineSatyr 
    Entry ID-1234596Display ID-5212 CentaurTeleporter01 
    Entry ID-1234597Display ID-5317 MaraudonStaffCreator 
    Entry ID-1234598Display ID-3080 UngoroCrystalPylon01 
    Entry ID-1234599Display ID-2971 UngoroCrystalBlue01 
    Entry ID-1234600Display ID-2975 UngoroCrystalBlue02 
    Entry ID-1234601Display ID-2976 UngoroCrystalGreen01 
    Entry ID-1234602Display ID-2975 UngoroCrystalGreen02 
    Entry ID-1234603Display ID-2973 UngoroCrystalRed01 
    Entry ID-1234604Display ID-2977 UngoroCrystalRed02 
    Entry ID-1234605Display ID-2974 UngoroCrystalYellow01 
    Entry ID-1234606Display ID-2978 UngoroCrystalYellow02 
    Entry ID-1234607Display ID-6690 Kelthuzad_Throne 
    Entry ID-1234608Display ID-6770 Kelthuzad_Window_Portal 
    Entry ID-1234609Display ID-6701 Nox_Anvil 
    Entry ID-1234610Display ID-6910 Hellfire_DarkPortal_fx 
    Entry ID-1234611Display ID-7166 et_Lamppost01 
    Entry ID-1234612Display ID-7179 dr_Knickknack_02b 
    Entry ID-1234613Display ID-7059 Draenei_spirit_Red 
    Entry ID-1234614Display ID-7127 Auchindoun_Bridge_FX 
    Entry ID-1234615Display ID-7128 Auchindoun_Bridge_Spirits_Flying 
    Entry ID-1234616Display ID-7213 be_ArcaneBomb 
    Entry ID-1234617Display ID-7214 be_ArcaneBomb_Orb 
    Entry ID-1234618Display ID-4972 g_ritualofdoom 
    Entry ID-1234619Display ID-6678 g_necropolis 
    Entry ID-1234620Display ID-7051 ThousandNeedlesBridge 
    Entry ID-1234621Display ID-7335 BabyGnome 
    Entry ID-1234622Display ID-7334 BabyDwarf 
    Entry ID-1234623Display ID-7337 BabyHuman 
    Entry ID-1234624Display ID-7336 BabyNightElf 
    Entry ID-1234625Display ID-7338 BabyTauren 
    Entry ID-1234626Display ID-7339 BabyTroll 
    Entry ID-1234627Display ID-7341 AerieTree03 
    Entry ID-1234628Display ID-7340 NEMagicImplement09 
    Entry ID-1234629Display ID-7342 Karazhan_Observe_Door 
    Entry ID-1234630Display ID-7344 Altartidalmastery01 
    Entry ID-1234631Display ID-7345 Hellfirecrystalformation3 
    Entry ID-1234632Display ID-7346 Chromatic_Crystral_Formation02 
    Entry ID-1234633Display ID-7347 Chromatic_Crystral_Formation01 
    Entry ID-1234634Display ID-7350 dr_brazier01 
    Entry ID-1234635Display ID-7351 KarazahnOwlStatue 
    Entry ID-1234636Display ID-7531 Zulaman_Firedoor 
    Entry ID-1234637Display ID-7530 Zulaman_Winddoor 
    Entry ID-1234638Display ID-1647 g_ManaRift 
    Entry ID-1234639Display ID-6668 EmeraldDreamCatcher01 
    Entry ID-1234640Display ID-7321 EmeraldDreamFountainTree01 
    Entry ID-1234641Display ID-7531 EmeraldDreamCatcher03 
    Entry ID-1234642Display ID-7333 EmeraldDreamCatcher04 
    Entry ID-1234643Display ID-1527 StatueHMPriest 
    Entry ID-1234644Display ID-4853 BFDStatueNagaPriestess 
    Entry ID-1234645Display ID-6820 StatueHMPaladin 
    Entry ID-1234646Display ID-6821 DireMaulStoneBearStatue 
    Entry ID-1234647Display ID-6822 DireMaulStoneDeerStatue 
    Entry ID-1234648Display ID-6823 DireMaulStoneOwlStatue 
    Entry ID-1234649Display ID-6859 g_FlareAlliance 
    Entry ID-1234650Display ID-6860 g_FlareHorde 
    Entry ID-1234651Display ID-6332 AirRift 
    Entry ID-1234652Display ID-6333 FireRift 
    Entry ID-1234653Display ID-6397 WaterRift 
    Entry ID-1234654Display ID-6435 Tradeskill_FishSchool_03 
    Entry ID-1234655Display ID-6452 GreenGroundFog 
    Entry ID-1234656Display ID-7416 UnderConstruction01 
    Entry ID-1234657Display ID-2410 LandingPad01 
    Entry ID-1234658Display ID-3531 GiantSeaTurtle02 
    Entry ID-1234659Display ID-3534 GiantSeaTurtle01 
    Entry ID-1234660Display ID-4691 DSNightElfMoonWellOrnate 
    Entry ID-1234661Display ID-3 TrollWatchTower 
    Entry ID-1234662Display ID-2590 CrystallizedTroll01 
    Entry ID-1234663Display ID-2591 CrystallizedHuman01 
    Entry ID-1234664Display ID-2615 SerpentAltar 
    Entry ID-1234665Display ID-6695 Frostwyrm_Waterfall 
    Entry ID-1234666Display ID-7475 BigBridgeWhite 
    Entry ID-1234667Display ID-7465 WestFallHumanFarm 
    Entry ID-1234668Display ID-7505 40ManArmyGeneral 
    Entry ID-1234669Display ID-7466 OrcZeppelinHouse 
    Entry ID-1234670Display ID-7281 TerrokarTreeMicro 
    Entry ID-1234671Display ID-7196 KaelthasStatue 
    Entry ID-1234672Display ID-5291 cot_portalparticles 
    Entry ID-1234673Display ID-4713 COT_Portal01 
    Entry ID-1234674Display ID-231 GnomeMachine (Laboratory imo.) 
    Entry ID-1234675Display ID-5551 GMChairLOEND01 (The Chair) 
    Entry ID-1234676Display ID-3831 SubwayCar 
    Entry ID-1234677Display ID-4911 UndercityWorm 
    Entry ID-1234678Display ID-7299 CollisionWallPvPTextured 
    Entry ID-1234679Display ID-5973 PvP_Rune_Speed_Icon 
    Entry ID-1234680Display ID-523 RazorfenForceField 
    Entry ID-1234681Display ID-7084 BE_LanternRed001 
    Entry ID-1234682Display ID-261 GiantClamActive 
    Entry ID-1234683Display ID-1370 UldamanDoor01 
    Entry ID-1234684Display ID-1347 HumanMaleScale 
    Entry ID-1234685Display ID-1167 StormwindMagePortal 
    Entry ID-1234686Display ID-1187 DuskwoodMausoleum 
    Entry ID-1234687Display ID-3171 Tombstonemonument02 
    Entry ID-1234688Display ID-6513 Distillery 
    Entry ID-1234689Display ID-621 EyeOfSeethe (Azora) 
    Entry ID-1234690Display ID-5112 Waterbasin 
    Entry ID-1234691Display ID-1787 Cage02 
    Entry ID-1234692Display ID-675 Cage03 
    Entry ID-1234693Display ID-6858 Cage01 
    Entry ID-1234694Display ID-2048 NEShrine 
    Entry ID-1234695Display ID-2067 SkullSpear01 
    Entry ID-1234696Display ID-2087 ENCHAIR03 
    Entry ID-1234697Display ID-2088 ENCHAIR02 
    Entry ID-1234698Display ID-2089 g_GnomeMultiBox 
    Entry ID-1234699Display ID-2090 FelwoodMushroom02 
    Entry ID-1234700Display ID-2091 g_GnomeTerminal 
    Entry ID-1234701Display ID-90 StranglethornWaterfall01 
    Entry ID-1234702Display ID-212 SerpentStatue02 
    Entry ID-1234703Display ID-652 TrollShrine 
    Entry ID-1234704Display ID-653 StranglethornTikiHead 
    Entry ID-1234705Display ID-2170 HoldingPenBamboo 
    Entry ID-1234706Display ID-6383 TrollRuinsGong03 
    Entry ID-1234707Display ID-7172 StranglethornPlant04 
    Entry ID-1234708Display ID-7173 StranglethornPlant03 
    Entry ID-1234709Display ID-7174 StranglethornPlant01 
    Entry ID-1234710Display ID-7175 StranglethornPlant02 
    Entry ID-1234711Display ID-7176 StranglethornPlant05 
    Entry ID-1234712Display ID-7177 CharredBody02 
    Entry ID-1234713Display ID-7178 CharredBody03 
    Entry ID-1234714Display ID-7180 Hologram_VoidWalker 
    Entry ID-1234715Display ID-7181 TerokkarCrystal03 
    Entry ID-1234716Display ID-7182 NS_Biodome_Generic 
    Entry ID-1234717Display ID-7183 ET_Cage 
    Entry ID-1234718Display ID-7184 HumanWagon01 
    Entry ID-1234719Display ID-6231 LighthouseEffect 
    Entry ID-1234720Display ID-7063 Karazhan_RedRidingHood_House 
    Entry ID-1234721Display ID-7436 DuskwoodDarmHouseBurnt 
    Entry ID-1234722Display ID-7433 GriffonAviary 
    Entry ID-1234723Display ID-7447 FlamingPumpkinHead 
    Entry ID-1234724Display ID-7450 Chapel 
    Entry ID-1234725Display ID-7449 DuskwoodChapel 
    Entry ID-1234726Display ID-7453 FishingChair 
    Entry ID-1234727Display ID-7474 GiantTotem 
    Entry ID-1234728Display ID-7510 MoleMachine 
    Entry ID-1234729Display ID-7507 ShoutBawx_Generix 
    Entry ID-1234730Display ID-7511 Ragdoll_02 
    Entry ID-1234731Display ID-7512 Ragdoll_03 
    Entry ID-1234732Display ID-7513 Ragdoll_04 
    Entry ID-1234733Display ID-7514 Radgoll_05 
    Entry ID-1234734Display ID-3611 BlastedLandsLightningBolt 
    Entry ID-1234735Display ID-3612 AuraGreen 
    Entry ID-1234736Display ID-3613 DrumGiant01 
    Entry ID-1234737Display ID-3614 SmallPortcullis 
    Entry ID-1234738Display ID-3631 LargePortcullis 
    Entry ID-1234739Display ID-3632 Ziggurat Door 
    Entry ID-1234740Display ID-3911 WarchiefRendsHead 
    Entry ID-1234742Display ID-3931 Temporal_Displacement 
    Entry ID-1234743Display ID-4052 g_BellShip 
    Entry ID-1234744Display ID-4411 GlowingOgreHead 
    Entry ID-1234745Display ID-4712 LichContainer01 
    Entry ID-1234746Display ID-6924 Exodar_Narucore_FX 
    Entry ID-1234747Display ID-7122 Exodar_PaladinShrine_EnergyFX 
    Entry ID-1234748Display ID-7357 Exodar_Sky_Portal 
    Entry ID-1234749Display ID-7162 Crystal_Corrupted 
    Entry ID-1234750Display ID-7115 TK_Factory_Door 
    Entry ID-1234751Display ID-7117 Shattrath_Naaru_Energy_FX 
    Entry ID-1234752Display ID-7130 TK_ArcaneDoor_VERT 
    Entry ID-1234753Display ID-7131 TK_ArcaneDoor_Horiz 
    Entry ID-1234754Display ID-7136 TK_Raid_Windows_Tall 
    Entry ID-1234755Display ID-7139 TK_RaidDoor

  11. #11

    Join Date
    Jun 2008
    C++/C#/Java Coder
    Entry ID-1234756Display ID-7145 CollectorTubesStraightState 
    Entry ID-1234757Display ID-7302 SkeletonSitting01 
    Entry ID-1234758Display ID-7303 SkeletonSitting02 
    Entry ID-1234759Display ID-7304 SkeletonSitting03 
    Entry ID-1234760Display ID-7305 SkeletonLaying01 
    Entry ID-1234761Display ID-7306 SkeletonSitting05\4 
    Entry ID-1234762Display ID-7307 SkeletonInAJar 
    Entry ID-1234763Display ID-7308 LightSkeletonSitting01 
    Entry ID-1234764Display ID-7309 LightSkeletonSitting02 
    Entry ID-1234765Display ID-7310 LightSkeletonSitting03 
    Entry ID-1234766Display ID-7311 LightSkeletonLaying02 
    Entry ID-1234767Display ID-7312 LightSkeletonLaying03 
    Entry ID-1234768Display ID-7315 WailingDruidBed 
    Entry ID-1234769Display ID-7316 WC_BedStone 
    Entry ID-1234770Display ID-7317 COT_LightshaftA 
    Entry ID-1234771Display ID-7318 AerieBoulder02 
    Entry ID-1234772Display ID-7319 BT_CommonDoor 
    Entry ID-1234773Display ID-7320 BT_Gate 
    Entry ID-1234774Display ID-7331 MoonWellWaterFX 
    Entry ID-1234775Display ID-7384 BT_IllidanDoor 
    Entry ID-1234776Display ID-7402 Warcraft2DarkPortal 
    Entry ID-1234777Display ID-7395 DragonKinNest01 
    Entry ID-1234778Display ID-7396 DragonKinNest02 
    Entry ID-1234779Display ID-7397 DragonKinNest03 
    Entry ID-1234780Display ID-7398 DragonEgg01 
    Entry ID-1234781Display ID-7594 EagleThrone01 
    Entry ID-1234782Display ID-5051 GoblinShredderSuit02 
    Entry ID-1234783Display ID-5071 LavaSmokeEmitterB 
    Entry ID-1234784Display ID-6638 GoblinHutBottles 
    Entry ID-1234785Display ID-6639 GoblinMachinery 
    Entry ID-1234786Display ID-7021 GoblinTent06 
    Entry ID-1234787Display ID-7083 GoblinWagonTNT_01 
    Entry ID-1234788Display ID-7605 GuildVault_Goblin_01 
    Entry ID-1234789Display ID-7604 GuildVault_BloodElf 
    Entry ID-1234790Display ID-7606 GuildVault_Undercity 
    Entry ID-1234791Display ID-7607 GuildVault_Human 
    Entry ID-1234792Display ID-7608 GuildVault_Dwarf 
    Entry ID-1234793Display ID-7613 GuildVault_Orc 
    Entry ID-1234794Display ID-7615 GuildVault_NightElf 
    Entry ID-1234795Display ID-7616 GuildVault_Tauren 
    Entry ID-1234796Display ID-322 RazorFenLeanto03 
    Entry ID-1234797Display ID-328 WarlockShrine 
    Entry ID-1234798Display ID-323 TaurenSack02 
    Entry ID-1234799Display ID-7229 NetherStorm_Particles 
    Entry ID-1234800Display ID-296 WaterPump 
    Entry ID-1234801Display ID-332 G_Watermelon 
    Entry ID-1234802Display ID-5112 WaterBasin 
    Entry ID-1234803Display ID-6148 WaterTroughSmall01 
    Entry ID-1234804Display ID-6316 GenericSeaWeed10 
    Entry ID-1234805Display ID-6317 GenericSeaWeed05 
    Entry ID-1234806Display ID-155 ElwynnMushroom01 
    Entry ID-1234807Display ID-159 StormwindRug01 
    Entry ID-1234808Display ID-253 ElwynnFlower02 
    Entry ID-1234809Display ID-249 NightElfRuins03 
    Entry ID-1234810Display ID-250 DruidWisp01 
    Entry ID-1234811Display ID-248 ArathiRock01 
    Entry ID-1234812Display ID-251 Haystack01 
    Entry ID-1234813Display ID-256 ElvenPottery01 
    Entry ID-1234814Display ID-257 ElvenPotter02 
    Entry ID-1234815Display ID-271 Thornroot01 
    Entry ID-1234816Display ID-272 SwiftThistle01 
    Entry ID-1234817Display ID-268 Magebloom01 
    Entry ID-1234818Display ID-289 FirewoodPile03 
    Entry ID-1234819Display ID-288 Barrel02 
    Entry ID-1234820Display ID-293 TrollSkullPile 
    Entry ID-1234821Display ID-294 Gallows01 
    Entry ID-1234822Display ID-291 ElwynnMineCart 
    Entry ID-1234823Display ID-295 G_LeverMetal 
    Entry ID-1234824Display ID-297 Jar01 
    Entry ID-1234825Display ID-299 ElwynnRock01 
    Entry ID-1234826Display ID-300 DuskWoodCatails01 
    Entry ID-1234827Display ID-307 LargeFirePit01 
    Entry ID-1234828Display ID-353 DeadMineValveSteam02 
    Entry ID-1234829Display ID-354 DeadminesValveSteam01 
    Entry ID-1234830Display ID-355 BlackSmithForge 
    Entry ID-1234831Display ID-356 GoblinControlPanel 
    Entry ID-1234832Display ID-2091 G_GnomeTerminal 
    Entry ID-1234833Display ID-6660 G_EpicBrazierYellow 
    Entry ID-1234834Display ID-6661 G_EpicBrazierBlue 
    Entry ID-1234835Display ID-6663 AremaFlag 
    Entry ID-1234836Display ID-6665 IllidanCrystal01 
    Entry ID-1234837Display ID-6666 LanternBlue 
    Entry ID-1234838Display ID-6667 Hive_Fireflies 
    Entry ID-1234839Display ID-6671 G_HolyLightWell 
    Entry ID-1234840Display ID-6673 NoxDoor_Abom_Mini 
    Entry ID-1234841Display ID-6680 AQ_Mummy01 
    Entry ID-1234842Display ID-6681 Spring 
    Entry ID-1234843Display ID-6682 FloatingBoards01 
    Entry ID-1234844Display ID-6683 BrokenGateWood01 
    Entry ID-1234845Display ID-6684 Furnace_Skull01 
    Entry ID-1234846Display ID-6686 BlastedLandsSpine01 
    Entry ID-1234847Display ID-6687 Nox_Door_Web_large 
    Entry ID-1234848Display ID-7164 AlteracShrub03 
    Entry ID-1234849Display ID-7165 OrcBarracks 
    Entry ID-1234850Display ID-7160 DR_Lampost_01 
    Entry ID-1234851Display ID-7037 BU_Felreaver01 
    Entry ID-1234852Display ID-7038 Hellfire_FireParticle 
    Entry ID-1234853Display ID-7039 BattleGladeShield2 
    Entry ID-1234854Display ID-7040 BubblingBowl02 
    Entry ID-1234855Display ID-7041 GnomeSteelPlate02 
    Entry ID-1234856Display ID-7043 CF_ElevatorPlatform 
    Entry ID-1234857Display ID-7046 GunShopTarget01 
    Entry ID-1234858Display ID-7047 GunTargetStand 
    Entry ID-1234859Display ID-7048 GunTargetDwarf 
    Entry ID-1234860Display ID-7056 Karazhan_BrickRoad 
    Entry ID-1234861Display ID-7057 Karazhan_RJ_Stars 
    Entry ID-1234862Display ID-7054 AK_Scarecrow 
    Entry ID-1234863Display ID-6965 EPL_PvP_Flags_NorthFort 
    Entry ID-1234864Display ID-6966 Bush_FlameCap 
    Entry ID-1234865Display ID-6970 TerrokarPineCone 
    Entry ID-1234866Display ID-6971 DR_Fountain_Ruined 
    Entry ID-1234867Display ID-6942 TaurenRug03 
    Entry ID-99871Display ID-7266 Spike 
    Entry ID-99870Display ID-1467 Lava Sink 
    Entry ID-99869Display ID-603 Inn Bench
    Entry ID-99868Display ID-6354 Iron Gate 
    Entry ID-99867Display ID-6812 Human Baby 
    Entry ID-99866Display ID-7335 Gnome Baby 
    Entry ID-99865Display ID-7338 Taurren Baby 
    Entry ID-99864Display ID-7339 Troll Baby 
    Entry ID-99898Display ID-7434 Lumber Mill 
    Entry ID-99863Display ID-7336 Night Elf Baby 
    Entry ID-99899Display ID-7428 Redridge Chapel 
    Entry ID-99862Display ID-7334 Dwarf Baby 
    Entry ID-99861Display ID-7337 Orc Baby 
    Entry ID-99860Display ID-294 Gallows 
    Entry ID-99859Display ID-6654 Valentines Blanket 
    Entry ID-99858Display ID-6656 Valentines Crate 
    Entry ID-99857Display ID-41 Chest 03 
    Entry ID-99856Display ID-2352 Centaur Tent01 
    Entry ID-99855Display ID-7083 TNT Wagon 
    Entry ID-99854Display ID-5051 Goblin Shreedder 
    Entry ID-99997Display ID-3991 Cracked Ice 
    Entry ID-99996Display ID-4291 Alter 
    Entry ID-99995Display ID-3272 Light!! 
    Entry ID-99994Display ID-6450 Green Portal 
    Entry ID-99993Display ID-1167 Mage Portal Stormwind 
    Entry ID-99992Display ID-6957 ogrebannertiger 
    Entry ID-99991Display ID-1568 Night Elf Dresser 
    Entry ID-99990Display ID-7315 Druid Bed 
    Entry ID-99989Display ID-463 Bunkbed Bed 
    Entry ID-99988Display ID-245 Cannon 
    Entry ID-99987Display ID-398 Undead Fire 
    Entry ID-99986Display ID-5831 Arch Gate 
    Entry ID-99984Display ID-5392 Wagon 
    Entry ID-99983Display ID-205 Smelting Weapons 
    Entry ID-99982Display ID-7465 Farm 
    Entry ID-99981Display ID-6541 Xmas Lights 
    Entry ID-99980Display ID-6713 Throne 1
    Entry ID-99979Display ID-4 Dresser 
    Entry ID-99978Display ID-7002 Bone Dam 
    Entry ID-99977Display ID-90 Water Fall 
    Entry ID-99976Display ID-6749 Ghostlands Moonstone 
    Entry ID-99975Display ID-6928 Skull 
    Entry ID-99974Display ID-2231 Flies 
    Entry ID-99973Display ID-402 Murloc Alter 
    Entry ID-99972Display ID-429 Pearl 
    Entry ID-99971Display ID-379 Fossle 
    Entry ID-99970Display ID-7453 Fishing Chair 
    Entry ID-99968Display ID-6011 WSG Orc Gate 
    Entry ID-99967Display ID-2351 Pirate Flag 
    Entry ID-99966Display ID-2491 Wanted Poster 
    Entry ID-99965Display ID-3053 Wanted Poster 2 
    Entry ID-99964Display ID-471 Stormwind 
    Entry ID-99963Display ID-7321 Emerald dream Tree 
    Entry ID-99962Display ID-5975 Tree 
    Entry ID-99961Display ID-6668 Emerald Dream Catcher 
    Entry ID-99960Display ID-7332 Emerald Dream Catcher 2 
    Entry ID-99959Display ID-7018 Orc Blade Thrower 
    Entry ID-99958Display ID-6722 Floating Rubble 
    Entry ID-99957Display ID-7423 Shroom

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    Entry ID-99956Display ID-6806 Outland Plant 1 
    Entry ID-99955Display ID-4318 Outland Rubble 
    Entry ID-99954Display ID-967 Arathi Tree 
    Entry ID-99953Display ID-6480 Alterac Open Grave 
    Entry ID-99952Display ID-4151 Plageland Cage 
    Entry ID-99951Display ID-5832 Hanging Body 
    Entry ID-99950Display ID-5835 Hanging Body 2 
    Entry ID-99949Display ID-4331 Plague Cauldron 
    Entry ID-99948Display ID-4891 Crystal Ball 
    Entry ID-99947Display ID-6701 Nox Anvil 
    Entry ID-99946Display ID-7359 Alter of Souls 
    Entry ID-99945Display ID-761 Shake Box! 
    Entry ID-99944Display ID-2230 Cave In 
    Entry ID-99943Display ID-528 Animal Crate 
    Entry ID-99942Display ID-7270 Ballista 
    Entry ID-99941Display ID-330 Flying Machine 
    Entry ID-99940Display ID-1247 Trap 
    Entry ID-99939Display ID-2047 Goblin Teleporter 
    Entry ID-99938Display ID-768 Grave Burst 
    Entry ID-99937Display ID-6671 Light Well 25235
    Entry ID-99936Display ID-6671 Ice Block 
    Entry ID-99935Display ID-6752 Ice Block 
    Entry ID-99934Display ID-1647 Mana Rift 
    Entry ID-99933Display ID-6678 Necropolis 
    Entry ID-99932Display ID-7376 Spirit Totem 
    Entry ID-99931Display ID-7300 Well of Souls 
    Entry ID-99930Display ID-6316 Sea Weed 
    Entry ID-99929Display ID-522 Sheild 
    Entry ID-99928Display ID-787 Duel Flag 
    Entry ID-99927Display ID-392 Inn Dobble Bed 
    Entry ID-99926Display ID-6688 Webs 
    Entry ID-99924Display ID-6934 Exodor INN Sign 
    Entry ID-99923Display ID-7196 Kael Statue 
    Entry ID-99922Display ID-6514 Stable 
    Entry ID-99921Display ID-6325 Pumpkin Patch 
    Entry ID-99920Display ID-6231 Light HouseLight 
    Entry ID-99919Display ID-5291 COT_DARKPORTALPARTICLES 
    Entry ID-99918Display ID-5911 INN Pillow 
    Entry ID-99917Display ID-5251 Xmas Tree 
    Entry ID-99916Display ID-2615 Serpent Altar 
    Entry ID-99915Display ID-2472 Demon Glow 
    Entry ID-99913Display ID-2107 Holding Pen 
    Entry ID-99914Display ID-1928 Apple Bowl 
    Entry ID-99912Display ID-1907 Mailbox 
    Entry ID-99911Display ID-1727 Beer Keg 
    Entry ID-99910Display ID-1807 Red Crystal 
    Entry ID-99909Display ID-7533 Voodoo Drum 
    Entry ID-99908Display ID-7501 Beerfest Wagon 
    Entry ID-99907Display ID-7460 Tauren Log Chair
    Entry ID-99906Display ID-7416 Under Construction Sign 
    Entry ID-99905Display ID-7412 Gnome Pipe 
    Entry ID-99904Display ID-7389 Blanket Umbrella 
    Entry ID-99902Display ID-7305 Skleton Laying 01 
    Entry ID-99901Display ID-7311 Skleton Laying 02 
    Entry ID-99900Display ID-7312 Skleton Laying 03 
    Entry ID-99897Display ID-7436 Burnt House 
    Entry ID-99896Display ID-7432 Duskwood House 
    Entry ID-99895Display ID-7288 Terokkar Tree (Large) 
    Entry ID-99894Display ID-7458 Druid Tower 
    Entry ID-99893Display ID-7465 Human House 
    Entry ID-99892Display ID-7466 Zep Tower 
    Entry ID-99891Display ID-7474 Giant Totem 
    Entry ID-99890Display ID-7388 BT gates Solid 
    Entry ID-99889Display ID-7018 Blade Thrower 
    Entry ID-99888Display ID-2410 Landing pad 
    Entry ID-99887Display ID-7154 Prison Gate 
    Entry ID-99886Display ID-7019 Human Tank 
    Entry ID-99885Display ID-7246 God Altar 
    Entry ID-99884Display ID-471 Stormwind 
    Entry ID-99883Display ID-7321 Emerald dream Tree 
    Entry ID-99882Display ID-7402 Warcraft2 Dark Portal 
    Entry ID-99881Display ID-7165 Orc Barracks 
    Entry ID-99880Display ID-7087 NE Ship 
    Entry ID-99879Display ID-3031 Zeppelin 
    Entry ID-99878Display ID-2170 Bamboo Holding pen 
    Entry ID-99877Display ID-629 Orc Tower 
    Entry ID-99876Display ID-628 Guard Tower 
    Entry ID-99875Display ID-368 Moonwell 
    Entry ID-99874Display ID-476 Ship 
    Entry ID-99873Display ID-6557 Elves Dock 
    Entry ID-99872Display ID-7552 Pirate Ship 
    Entry ID-99853Display ID-6667 Fire Flies 
    Entry ID-99852Display ID-6714 Icy Rune 
    Entry ID-99851Display ID-6665 Illidan Crystal 
    Entry ID-99850Display ID-7385 Blanket Grill 
    Entry ID-99849Display ID-7289 Blue Orc Blazier 
    Entry ID-99848Display ID-7537 conjuretable 
    Entry ID-99847Display ID-5994 G_Krusk Spear 
    Entry ID-99846Display ID-1347 Human Male 
    Entry ID-99845Display ID-7500 Beerfest Beer Vendor 
    Entry ID-99844Display ID-6708 Alliance Weapon Crate 
    Entry ID-99843Display ID-6709 Argent Dawn Banner 
    Entry ID-99842Display ID-6734 Floating Tree02 
    Entry ID-99841Display ID-6735 Floating Tree03 
    Entry ID-99840Display ID-6747 Frostwyrm Birth 
    Entry ID-99839Display ID-6804 Mummy Troll 
    Entry ID-99838Display ID-6815 Uther Statue 
    Entry ID-99837Display ID-6816 FelOrc Banner01 
    Entry ID-99836Display ID-316 Pentagram Dirt 
    Entry ID-99835Display ID-3711 Lava Rock01 
    Entry ID-99834Display ID-5734 Lava Rock06 
    Entry ID-99833Display ID-5735 Lava Rock05 
    Entry ID-99832Display ID-5736 Lava Rock02 
    Entry ID-99831Display ID-5738 Lava Rock04 
    Entry ID-99830Display ID-5739 Lava Rock03 
    Entry ID-99829Display ID-328 Warlock Shrine 
    -- Plants&Scenery
    Entry ID-923000Display ID-7329 Emerald dream Tree 
    Entry ID-923001Display ID-7328 Emerald dream Tree 
    Entry ID-923002Display ID-7327 Emerald dream Tree 
    Entry ID-923003Display ID-7321 Emerald dream Tree 
    Entry ID-923004Display ID-7327 FountainTreeEmerald 2 
    Entry ID-923005Display ID-7328 FountainTreeEmerald 3 
    Entry ID-923006Display ID-7329 FountainTreeEmerald 4 
    Entry ID-923007Display ID-7322 EmeraldDreamFlower 1 
    Entry ID-923008Display ID-7323 EmeraldDreamFlower 2 
    Entry ID-923009Display ID-7324 EmeraldDreamFlower 3 
    Entry ID-923010Display ID-7325 EmeraldDreamFlower 4 
    Entry ID-923011Display ID-7326 EmeraldDreamFlower 5 
    Entry ID-923012Display ID-6806 Outland Plant 1 
    Entry ID-923013Display ID-5975 Westfall tree 
    Entry ID-923014Display ID-967 Tree 1 
    Entry ID-923015Display ID-7445 STV Flower 
    Entry ID-923016Display ID-28 bush 
    Entry ID-923017Display ID-2315 Grass 
    Entry ID-923018Display ID-7341 Huge Tree 
    Entry ID-923019Display ID-5411 StonePlatform 
    Entry ID-923020Display ID-431 Steam 
    Entry ID-923021Display ID-7423 Big Shroom 
    Entry ID-923022Display ID-90 Water Fall 
    Entry ID-923023Display ID-1027 Shaman Rock 
    Entry ID-923024Display ID-7288 Terokkar Tree (Large) 
    -- Props&Misc
    Entry ID-923025Display ID-6749 Ghostlands Moonstone 
    Entry ID-923026Display ID-6918 Bloodcry 
    Entry ID-923027Display ID-768 Grave 
    Entry ID-923028Display ID-402 Murloc Alter 
    Entry ID-923029Display ID-7453 Fishing Chair 
    Entry ID-923030Display ID-6722 Floating Rubble 
    Entry ID-923031Display ID-4318 Outland Rubble 
    Entry ID-923032Display ID-6713 Sweet Throne 
    Entry ID-923033Display ID-4 Dresser 
    Entry ID-923034Display ID-7460 Log Bench 
    Entry ID-923035Display ID-7515 ZA Entrance 
    Entry ID-923036Display ID-6794 be_Baner 
    Entry ID-923037Display ID-6979 be_bench 
    Entry ID-923038Display ID-6981 Be_Chair 
    Entry ID-923039Display ID-6706 be_demon 
    Entry ID-923040Display ID-7072 be_forge 
    Entry ID-923041Display ID-7150 Be_cryorg 
    Entry ID-923042Display ID-6474 be_teleporter 
    Entry ID-923043Display ID-6850 dr_holo 
    Entry ID-923044Display ID-7019 Big Tank 
    Entry ID-923045Display ID-2047 PX-238 Winter Wondervolt 26273Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0 0');
    Entry ID-923046Display ID-2047 PX-238 Winter Wondervolt 26274Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0 0');
    Entry ID-923047Display ID-3272 Spot Light 
    Entry ID-923048Display ID-6231 Lighthouse BeamDisplay ID-0Display ID-1Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0');
    Entry ID-923049Display ID-7402 WC2 Dark Portal 
    Entry ID-923050Display ID-6749 Moon Stone 
    Entry ID-923051Display ID-6665 Illidan Crystal 
    Entry ID-923052Display ID-7031 Orc PVP door 
    Entry ID-923053Display ID-6924 Naru Core(nonsolid) 
    Entry ID-923054Display ID-7126 tk Boss Pod 
    Entry ID-923055Display ID-231 Gnome Mech 
    Entry ID-923056Display ID-3831 Subway Cart 
    Entry ID-923057Display ID-6639 Goblin Mechinery 
    Entry ID-923058Display ID-6938 Gryphon Rooster 
    Entry ID-923059Display ID-6425 Love Rockets(Usable) 44940Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0Display ID-0 0');
    Entry ID-923060Display ID-7332 Dreamcatcher 1 
    Entry ID-923061Display ID-7333 Dreamcatcher 2 
    Entry ID-923062Display ID-7154 Prison Gate 
    -- Buildings
    Entry ID-923063Display ID-7461 Tauren Hut 
    Entry ID-923064Display ID-7458 Nightelf Druid Tower 
    Entry ID-923065Display ID-7474 TaurenBigTotemTower 
    Entry ID-923066Display ID-4176 Inn Tent 
    Entry ID-923067Display ID-7194 Human Tent Medium 
    Entry ID-923068Display ID-7195 Human Tent Large 
    Entry ID-923069Display ID-7463 Inn 
    Entry ID-923070Display ID-628 Guard Tower 
    Entry ID-923071Display ID-629 Orc Tower 
    Entry ID-923072Display ID-7165 Orc Barracks 
    Entry ID-923073Display ID-7246 Gold Altar 
    Entry ID-923074Display ID-7280 Terrorkar Trees 
    Entry ID-923075Display ID-7428 Redridge Chapel 
    Entry ID-923076Display ID-7434 Lumber Mill 
    Entry ID-923077Display ID-7465 Human House 
    Entry ID-923078Display ID-476 Ship 
    Entry ID-923079Display ID-649 Gold Mine 
    Entry ID-923080Display ID-2170 Bamboo Holding pen 
    Entry ID-923081Display ID-3031 Zeppelin 
    Entry ID-923082Display ID-2410 Landing Pad 
    Entry ID-923083Display ID-7087 NE Ship 
    Entry ID-923084Display ID-6556 Elves Dock start 
    Entry ID-923085Display ID-6557 Elves Dock 
    Entry ID-923086Display ID-7129 Human Siege Tower 
    Entry ID-923087Display ID-7475 Redridge Stone Bridge 
    Entry ID-923088Display ID-6514 Stable 
    Entry ID-923089Display ID-7437 L70ETC Stage 
    Entry ID-923090Display ID-6725 L70ETC Bleachers 
    Entry ID-923091Display ID-368 Moonwell 
    Entry ID-923092Display ID-471 Stormwind 
    Entry ID-923093Display ID-3 TrollWatchTower 
    Entry ID-923094Display ID-661 Human Guard Tower 
    Entry ID-923095Display ID-664 Human Watch Tower 
    Entry ID-923096Display ID-7253 Shadow Tent 
    Entry ID-923097Display ID-7462 GuardTower_Ruined 
    Entry ID-923098Display ID-7505 AQ40 EntranceHUGE 
    Entry ID-923099Display ID-6637 Black CitadelHUGE 
    Entry ID-923100Display ID-6637 Naxxramas 
    Entry ID-923101Display ID-7016 Monotha 
    Entry ID-923102Display ID-7466 Zep Tower 
    Entry ID-923103Display ID-7051 Big Bridge 
    Entry ID-923104Display ID-7462 GuardTower_Ruined 
    Entry ID-923105Display ID-7552 Pirate Ship 
    -- Statues
    Entry ID-923106Display ID-2048 Ne Shrine 
    Entry ID-923107Display ID-6 Lion Statue 
    Entry ID-923108Display ID-7196 Kael StatueHuge 
    Entry ID-923109Display ID-6815 Uther Statue

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