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    Abyssal WoW - Instant 80 - Raid and PvP Server

    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.

    Abyssal WoW is a brand new server, currently supporting 3.0.9 but it will support 3.1 as fast as we get a stable core for it. The server is instant 80
    then you can choose to PvP, Raid... or both And there's also two malls to help you get some starter gear and abilities for the epic journey.

    As we got a great development team we got lots of fun to offer:

    We can provide provide working and scripted instances, yes that means a fully scripted and functional Naxxramas as well. We will try to provide a working and scripted Ulduar as fast as we get 3.1

    We can also provide working Battlegrounds, Arenas and our own PvP Zone.
    Most of the player spells are working as well.

    ..Join the fun!

    Homepage: Abyssal WoW
    Register: Registration Page

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    Server is really great, love the community and gms

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    i cant find the realmlist can some one link it?

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    could somebody link the server realm plz?

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    Some people just dunno what's going on....

    It is written in BIG words Realmlist: abyssal-wow.com

    In the website!!!

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    the realmlist doesn't good

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    realmilist 80 stante?

    realmilist 80 stante plis ?

    the realmlist 80 stante plis

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    YES! FINALLY! A 3.0.9 SERVER, btw, you shouldn't of copied arena-tournament's name though!

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    Don't sell your soul

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    http://www.youtube.com/user/ aek21valerios ( Video Designer )
    You forget : * only for pro players here *

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    There is already a server named Abyssal WoW.


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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    i hope its not copied content from arena tournament :S



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