rath of Hyperion is a instant 60 server with a completely unique and different way of playing.
We're currently in our beta stage and we're working on improving the server based on players' feedback.
We have tons of cool and unique features to explore and experience.

- Transmogrification with over 70,000 available custom pieces of gear from all expansions above WotLK.
- Over 100 custom mounts from expansions above WotLK.
- Fully reworked original quests with the addition of new rewarding system.
- Mythic+ Dungeons.
- Mythic+ Raids.
- Fully reworked class spell mechanics and effects.
- A new 'zone progressive' system which allows you to progress throughout the original zones with each zone having it's own difficulty and requirements to enter.
- Open world mythic-like affixes based on zone difficulty and level.
- Hundreds of custom gear sets with balanced stats and different item level ranges.
- Completing any quest in the game rewards you with our new lootbox which can contain ANY item in the game including mounts, pets, toys, transmog pieces, gear pieces, profession materials and so on...
- Fully reworked professions with custom recipes that allows you to craft ANY gear piece you want.
- Reworked world map information with each zone displaying their requirements and difficulty.
- Custom upgradable legendary weapons for every class and spec, obtainable via quest.
And so much more!

Join us today and help us make this server an amazing place for players!
Website: https://www.wrath-of-hyperion.com/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/qCgYa64
Realmlist: logon.wrath-of-hyperion.com