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    Wrong Ranks of Spells Loading on Custom DK Login

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    So I made it so that DKs can start from level 1, and I extended a handful of DK spells backward from level 55 to level 1. This mostly involved adding downscaled spells for the appropriate level, e.g. Icy Touch and Plague Strike at level 1, Blood Strike at level 2, Death Coil at 4, etc. Then I had to reorder the ranks of the spells so that, e.g. Level 1 Icy Touch was rank 1, and Level 55 is rank 9.

    All this works pretty well so far. My trouble is that whenever I login to my character, it always loads her as having the rank 9 (level 55) versions of Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Blood Strike, and Death Coil - the starter spells for a level 55 DK. The same is not true of other DK spells; for example, my level 14 version of Death and Decay remains level 14 on login. Pretty annoying to .unlearn and .learn the correct spells on every login.

    Anyone have any idea what's going on here?


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    I think this is SkillLineAbility.dbc making them racial spells so that they're learned on login. Research that dbc and make some changes so that they aren't racials.

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    I won't be able to actually try this until later tonight (and I will report back then to confirm), but from a quick peek you are right; at the very least, Blood Strike rank 1 is listed as a racial ability ('2' in column 10).

    Thanks for helping out!

    Edit: So I've tried it out, and it worked, but only for Plague Strike. Strange. I'll keep looking around and see if anything else is interfering.

    Edit 2: Okay, so the fact that Blood Strike wasn't working was just a mistake I made editing the dbc. Icy Touch and Death Coil are still behaving strangely though.
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