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    Solocraft/Autobalance for Trinitycore

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    Is there any way to add solocraft/autobalance to the latest trinitycore?

    I would just use the BrooksTech repack/azerothcore, but I prefer trinitycore to azerothcore and I've made some core changes that I would like to preserve.

    I've google searched for this for a little while, but wasn't finding anything recent. And if it is not too difficult to implement myself, I would be willing to try to do so, although I'm not sure where to start.

    (I guess as a last resort I could just go into worldserver.conf and set the hp/damage/etc. for every creature to 1/x where x=recommended # of players in the instance. But it would be a bit tedious to swap those values every time I entered/exited a dungeon.)


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    Thanks for this, I'll look into trying to convert it to trinity.

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    If you need further help, I think I can.. to the best of my abilities and knowledge, which is limited, unfortunately..

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    I actually discovered that there is a working autobalance patch on trinitycore in their custom content section. Just in case anyone else is looking for autobalance and ends up in this thread!

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    It's not often when someone comments back with the best solution found, at least not around here.



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