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    [Paid] Looking for server promotional video / trailer

    Hello, I am looking to make an promotional video trailer for my server that is not yet opened. A list of what I would like done is https://pastebin.com/iJBZhdYN I am also willing to pay $150 dollars for the video.

    Website: https://nordend-wow.com
    May you please contact me on discord: Tyrelis#0001 and or make a post below.

    Must have previous work history. If you do not I will not pay half first. I just had someone contact me with no work history, no reputation, zero post count and said worked for adobe and was Indian I can tell due to accent. He asked for half which would be fine if he was known or had a previous work history but did some reference checking and he was really unknown.

    Note: I had the the previous thread closed because I thought I found someone.
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