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    I'm trying to make spells proc only on certain conditions, and I take it that aura 42 SPELL_AURA_PROC_TRIGGER_SPELL and spell_proc_event are meant to accomplish just that task. However, I cannot make SPELL_AURA_PROC_TRIGGER_SPELL ("aura 42" for short) do even the simplest things.

    Right now I am trying to just make a permanent 10% attack power buff, solely for the purposes of figuring out how aura 42 works. So I have two spells: Spell A, which is just meant to trigger Spell B by using aura 42, and Spell B, which increases your attack power by 10%. I know this is two spells doing the work of one spell, but I am just using very simple and testable spells to figure out how aura 42 works.

    Spell A is very simple. It does only one thing. It applies aura 42, which triggers spell B. (Spell Effect: 6; Apply Aura Name: 42; Trigger Spell: Spell B ID.)
    Spell B is very simple. It applies an aura that increases your attack power by 10%. I have tested it independently of Spell A, and it does increase one's attack power by 10%.

    Both spells have no flags, although I have experimented with changing the flags. In particular, the flags 'ability', 'passive spell' and 'triggered' do nothing relevant.
    I have also added an entry into spell_proc_event, corresponding to spell A. It does nothing. All of its values are 0 except the reference to the Spell A ID and the SpellFamilyName.

    I have also looked at other spells with aura 42. Spell A resembles them in nearly all respects, except some spells with aura 42 have values in Base Points and Misc Value A. I have looked through most of the spells with aura 42, and I cannot discern any pattern to the values in Base Points and Misc Value A, so I have ignored them in my spell. Perhaps this is where I have gone wrong.

    If anyone has any experience with aura 42 or can help me out in some way, I would really appreciate it. For now I just want to get this simple aura 42 trigger spell working so that it can be a template for future aura 42 trigger spells, but if anyone has any further advice (or any information on what the hell Base Points and Misc Value A do in the case of aura 42) I would appreciate that too.

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    It's really easy to work with aura 42.

    In your case all you have to do is, get the spell A:
    * Spell effect must be 6.
    * Select a target, maybe caster?, target A must be 1 then, to target caster.
    * Aura to apply, 42 in this case, to trigger an Spell (Spell B).
    * What spell do you want to trigger? place the Spell ID into trigger spell.

    That's all for spell A.
    Then you go into the spell B,
    * Spell Effect must be 6 again.
    * Base-Die Points to get the 10%.
    * Target A, caster again? select 1.
    * Aura to apply (Aura name), Idk which ID is the AP_PCT you should find it. NOTE There is a MOD_AP and MOD_AP_PCT, first one will modify the AP by dynamic values (2...644... 4241...) while the second one, modifies AP by a PCT (10%, 15%...)
    * YOU MUST ADD the Misc value A in order to modify the AP, again you must find it.

    That's all, this should now work as intended.

    Another thing, note that there is 2 kinds of AP, Melee and Ranged AP, so if you want to modify both then into spell B add another Spell Effect (2 in this case) modifying the other left.

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    Unfortunately this is what I am doing, but without any success.
    I know that spell B works because when I .learn spellBID, my attack power goes up by the appropriate amount. But when I .learn spellAID, nothing happens. Even when I change Spell A to be a useable spell (like you have to click on it to start), nothing happens (upon clicking it).

    Could you clarify about Misc Value A here? Do you mean Misc Value A for Spell B? If so, I am using 99 SPELL_AURA_MOD_ATTACK_POWER, which increases my melee attack power without any changing of Misc Values (both are set to 0, but the spell still increases my attack power). I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that spell B won't proc, though.

    Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

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    I will use as your spellB ID = 19740 (Blessing of Might).

    I made a new spell (SpellA) ID 333333 (Trigger AP Buff) with effect 1:
    Link to Image
    Only attributes:
    Link to Image
    .cast 333333 (spellA)

    spell ID 19740 applied (spellB)

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    I think though that the spell you just created is triggering because the spell effect is 64 - Trigger Spell, and not 6, apply aura. I recreated your spell with spell effect 64 and it did trigger, but when I changed it to the apply aura spell effect, it didn't work. And I don't think aura 42 is playing a role, since I messed around with spell_proc_event and couldn't add any conditions to its triggering.

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    I ain't gettin what u trynna do then

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    I'm just trying to trigger spells without spell effect 64 and with spell effect 6 and aura 42.

    I know that this is possible because many spells do it, for example Firestarter ID 44442.

    In fact, it is not only possible, but as far as I can tell this is the best way to do anything interesting with triggered spells, since spell_proc_event only applies to spells with aura 42.

    You can trigger spells with spell effect 64, but aura 42 does nothing in those spells, so what I'm hoping to learn is how those spells with spell effect 6 aura 42 work, so I can create some interesting spell interactions.



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