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    Question [SOLVED] How to change level up spell appearance?

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    Hi. I'm using stoneharry's spell editor and Ladik's MPQ Editor. Mt server is AzerothCore 3.3.5a (newly updated, working and configured well).

    I'm trying to edit the level up spell (ID 24313) to change its visual effect and remove the sound each time a player levels up.

    I made and edit to test (changed the sound from 1440 to 0), saved the spell, exported it, replaced the server dbc's, created a patch-4.MPQ with the DBFilesClient hierarchy and the dbc files inside. I cleared my cache, and started the server and client fresh.

    The level up effects still has the original sound.

    Does anyone know how to change the visual effect of the level up spell and remove the sound (without creating an empty audio file?


    - - - Updated - - -

    I found from several sources that the level up effect is spell ID 47292. However even if I completely remove the effect, the level up animation and sound still plays.

    Does anyone have experience with this? (I can make other spell edits, and create custom spells without a problem. The only one not working for me is the Level Up spell.)

    Thanks for any help!
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    Check the actual spell animation itsself; it can be in another spell dbc that calls a specific sound file to play that can't be edited via the spell editor.

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    @UnknownGhost Thank you for the advice. After 5 days of testing, I was not able to determine the correct way to change the DBC visual. Every other spell I edit works except that one, so I assume there is another file overriding my edits.

    I re-thought my strategy and approached the problem from a different angle. I got it to work now.

    Here is the solution I found for anyone interested in this in the future.



    I used an empty skin and model file for the Level Up spell. (SpellLevelUp.m2, SpellLevelUp00.skin) Then I created a custom patch (SPELLS/) and placed it inside the client "Data" folder. This eliminated both the visual effect and sound from triggering each time a player levels up.

    In my particular instance, the common-2.MPQ was the file that my custom patch was created to partially override.



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