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    BattleWorld Community Server 7.3.5

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    Hello my name is Claudiu and i'm from Romania ! I started a new project with my team.

    BattleWorld is a World of Warcraft Legion server in version 7.3.5. It remained hidden to work quietly in the development and try to give a better advance.

    Now think: "Another Legion server, great ...". Well, here's the thing. There are other Legion servers also with great content, but we are not just our content. Our community is very important to us. Our staff goes through a series of tests to show that they are able to be as enjoyable and supportive as possible.

    We have different divisions that separate to ensure you get the answers and help you faster.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    How are we so important to you?


    Q : Why do I speak of this in place of the server? A : We will get to talk about the server in a moment, but first we need to talk about why our staff is a big part of our community and why we love our community so much.

    Our staff is what makes a great experience in the game, or at least a large part of it. We believe that staff members should not have a bad attitude.

    Our players are the foundation of our community, and we would not have the incredible opportunity to make a great community for you to be a part of it. We have given time and effort to create an environment that you can be a part of it.

    Not just for the content or the fun, but to meet the incredible people who can be in it.

    Remember, we are all a family, and we need to take care of each other.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________



    WE : - are currently in Live, but we are still developing.

    We really want to offer such a large community so that everyone can participate.

    - want you to have fun as much as possible, and for this we need to make sure that all our content is as error-free as possible.

    - are working on fixing Legion instances, world bosses and much more content.

    - are not a pay-to-win, however donors get special items that do not alter the gaming experience, such as items from the Blizzard store.

    - have lots of content, and great developers who work hard everyday to make a phenomenal community.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________



    BattleWorld has a unique team of staff and a unique community. We emphasize the great content that we have fixed, and the morality that we defend. Community is our greatest concern, and we do everything we can to make it a great community that you can belong to. Nice people, nice staff, active server, 99% uptime and great content.

    Why should we play on BATTLEWORLD and not on other servers? Honestly, I donít ask you to stay on our server, but if I ask you to try it before criticizing. It may surprise you with our content and community, and I think you'll have a lot of fun.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________


    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    Instances & dungeons & bosses Legion

    Antorus The Burning Throne

    Black Rook Hold Dungeon

    Cathedral of Eternal Night

    Court of Stars

    Dark Heart Thicket

    Eye of Azshara

    Halls of Valor

    Maw of Souls

    Micro Holidays

    Neltharions Lair

    Return To Karazhan

    The Arcway

    The Emerald Nightmare

    The Nighthold

    The Seat of The Triumvirate

    Tomb of Sargeras

    Trial of Valor

    Vault of the Wardens

    Violet Hold Legion

    Invasion point Argus

    Invasion point world bosses



    World bosses legion



    Blackrock Foundry

    Bloodmaul Slag Mines

    Hellfire Citadel


    Iron Docks

    Shadowmoon Burial Grounds


    The Everbloom

    Upper Blackrock Spire

    Dark Portal

    Forstfire Ridge

    Shadowmoon Valley

    World Bosses Draenor


    Gate Setting Sun

    Heart of Fear

    Mogu'shan Palace

    Mogu'shan Vault

    Shado-pan Monastery

    Siege of Niuzao Temple

    Siege of Orgrimmar

    Stormstout Brewery

    Temple of the Jade Serpent

    Terrace of Endless Spring

    Throne of Thunder

    Timeless isle

    Kun-Lai Summit

    Valley of the Four Winds

    Wandering Island

    Krasarang Wilds

    Boss Galion

    Boss Nalak

    Boss Oondasta

    Boss Sha of Anger


    A Brewing Storm

    A Little Patience

    Arena of Annihilation

    Army Training


    Assault on Broken Shore

    Assault on Zan'vess

    Battle on the High Seas

    Battle Pet Instance

    Blood in the Snow

    Brewmoon Festival

    Broken Islands

    The Celestial Tournament

    Crypt of Forgotten Kings

    Dagger in the Dark

    Dark Heart of Pandaria

    Domination Point

    Fall of Shan Bu

    Greenstone Village

    Legion Invasion

    Lion's Landing

    Proving Grounds

    Pursuing the Black Harvest

    The Secrets of Ragefire

    The Thunder Forge

    Troves of the Thunder King

    Unga Ingoo

    Systems working:

    - Spell AreaTrigger system

    - Scaling level for legion creatures

    - World Quests system

    - Available difficulties Heroic and Mythic

    - World Boss loot system

    - Rated Arenas

    - Arenas Skirmish

    - Rated Battlegrounds -

    Battlegrounds - Loot for difficulties are implemented

    - PvP Rewards scaling with personal rating

    Class spells completed ~90% (artifact spells included)

    Server Credits : TrinityCore / UWoW / Spp / BattleWorld-Core . I want tanks for all hard work on this core .

    Website : https://www.battleworld.ro

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    "reat content that we have fixed". Also lists the 2 teams that actually did the work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canewadar123 View Post
    "reat content that we have fixed". Also lists the 2 teams that actually did the work.
    OK i post credits for all team how works on this core , also you come here just for critics or wtf do you whant ?
    You can see i give credits not steal ok , sory if you are little retardet man and dot se only defects from ppl how come with somting and try somting in this community , that is why this Forum will go down becauze of ppl like you .

    Server Credits : TrinityCore / UWoW / Spp / BattleWorld-Core . I want tanks for all hard work on this core .

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    Quote Originally Posted by canewadar123 View Post
    Yes how i said ppl like you can only say lamo , ironic right ? yes i know , well never mind , i do not care and i won't go down to your pathetic level , have nice day

    - - - Updated - - -

    BattleWorld invites you to take part in the opening of our Legion 7.3.5:26972 server. The Staff will be here to welcome you on 28th of March, at 17:00 UTC for the launch of our Live Realm: Argus.

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    Content Progression

    Quote Originally Posted by XigoR View Post
    Best of luck!
    We appreciate and thank you, from the members of the Battleworld staff

    -------------------- UPDATE --------------------------------------

    Content Progression

    The Beginning - 28th of March

    World Quests

    You must also hit Friendly with the 5 major Legion factions to unlock World Quests, in the quest Uniting the Isles. This will also award the handy teleport item Flight Master's Whistle.

    World Bosses

    With the release of the Argus realm 5 World Bosses who are associated with epic world quests. They will be available when their world quest appears on your map, and these quests last several days.



    World Quest: Calamitous Intent

    Drugon the Frostblood

    World Quest: The Frozen King


    World Quest: A Dark Tide


    World Quest: Pocket Wizard


    World Quest: Terror of the Deep


    Black Rook Hold
    Darkheart Thicket
    Eye of Azshara
    Halls of Valor
    Maw of Souls
    Neltharion's Lair
    Vault of the Wardens
    Violet Hold

    Class Hall Set

    Your Class Hall Set is an 8-piece itemset, ranging from ilvl 810-870, which requires completing various types of Legion content to unlock. These sets also resemble Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode Armor.


    Reputations play an important role as Friendly is required to unlock World Quests (Uniting the Isles) and Revered is required for Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One. As you gain reputation with these factions, you can purchase gear, toys, and special shoulder enchants.

    New Zones

    Val'sharah, a zone steeped in Druidic lore, is battling the corruption of the Emerald Nightmare. Quests award Dreamweavers reputation.
    Highmountain, home to the Highmountain Tauren, is a mountainous land with waterfalls and rivers reminiscent of Yosemite. Quests award Highmountain reputation.
    Azsuna, home to the former Highborne, is a land rich in magical leylines and magic so condensed that it has formed crystals. Quests award Court of Farondis reputation.
    Stormheim, home of Stormdrakes and the Vrykul, examines the tensions between the Alliance and the Horde admist the backdrop of rugged highlands and epic statues. Navigating around the steep cliffs will require the special Grappling Hook from questing. Quests award Valarjar reputation.
    At level 110, you can quest through Suramar, a tragic zone dramatically split between the Nightfallen and Nightborne. Questlines award with great Nightfallen reputation.

    The Corrupted - 11th of April


    The grand opening of The Emerald Nightmare. A longside the raid release we will increase the maximum item level to 865, in preperation for Heroic.

    Featured raid Bosses:

    Elerethe Renferal
    Dragons of Nightmare

    18th of April


    Heroic difficulty available for The Emerald Nightmare. A longside Heroic the maximum item level will be inscreased to 880.

    25th of April


    Mythic difficulty available for The Emerald Nightmare. A longside Mythic the maximum item level will be inscreased to 895.

    LFR - Wing 1: Darkbough

    Elerethe Renferal

    Return to Karazhan (Patch 7.1) - 1st of June


    The grand opening of Trial of Valor.

    Featured raid Bosses:



    Return to Karazhan

    Upper Karazhan
    Lower Karazhan


    The Suramar story continues in Patch 7.1 with a nine-week quest series culminating in the Insurrection achievement, which in turn is needed for the Arcanist's Manasaber mount.


    Reins of the Prestigious War Wolf and Reins of the Prestigious War Steed are rewards from completing PvP World Quests.
    Quests: Black Rook Rumble, Operation Murloc Freedom, Bareback Brawl, Darkbrul Arena

    Brawler's Burly Basilisk
    Two new mounts are from Karazhan: Midnight's Eternal Reins and Smoldering Ember Wyrm.
    Darkwater Skate is now sold at the Darkmoon Faire.

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    The server's xp rates are as following:
    1-79 = x10
    80-89 = x7.5
    90-99 = x5
    100-104 = x2.5
    105-110 = x1

    Every other rate is x1



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