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    Lightbulb [Release] Useful batch file (.bat)

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    I love this community, since you've teached me a lot!
    Today I was thinking of "automaticing" my Compile, run server, wow, etc process!
    So I "programmed" this "zStartME.bat" (batch) file.

    Since every feature is a function by the program itself, These are the features in execution order:
    1. Deletes DBErrors.log + Crashes folder from Build folder.
    (PATH: C:\Trinity_Build_3.3.5a\)

    2.Copy/Pastes Server files after you compiled Trinity Core to Build folder.
    (FROM PATH: G:\Trinity_Core_3.3.5a\bin\Debug\ TO PATH: C:\Trinity_Build_3.3.5a\)

    3.Auto-Starts server (Auto-executes world+authserver.exe)
    (PATH: C:\Trinity_Build_3.3.5a\)

    4.Deletes Cache Folder and opens WoW.exe from your WoW folder.
    (PATH: C:\WoW - WOTLK 3.3.5a\)

    5.Auto-Closes auth+worldserver.exe and WoW.exe after you done! (Press any key into the Windows console when you done to auto-close).
    (PATH: C:\Trinity_Build_3.3.5a\)

    NOTE: I'm only a beginner on .bat so maybe this is not 'efficient' but works indeed.
    You should change paths of archives to your current paths in your PC!
    You must edit paths (from Folders, WoW.exe name (sometimes it's called World of Warcraft.exe), and put your current ones.
    To edit the code you must right-click the 'zStartME.bat' file and select 'Edit' option! Don't forget to save, and re-run!

    MEGA - Click me!

    NOTE: Google Chrome may warn you this archive may be corrupt, of course it does, because .bat can be viruses, that's why I give you the code in case you want to make your own .bat

    .bat code:
    @echo off
    echo Deleting DBE Errors and Crashes
    del /s /q "C:\Trinity_Build_3.3.5a\DBErrors.log"
    del /s /q "C:\Trinity_Build_3.3.5a\Crashes"
    echo Copy/Pasting archives from Debug folder to Build...
    ROBOCOPY G:\Trinity_Core_3.3.5a\bin\Debug\ C:\Trinity_Build_3.3.5a\ worldserver.exe authserver.exe worldserver.pdb authserver.pdb worldserver.ilk
    echo Starting Server!
    tasklist /nh /fi "imagename eq authserver.exe" | find /i "authserver.exe" > nul || start /d "C:\Trinity_Build_3.3.5a\" authserver.exe
    tasklist /nh /fi "imagename eq worldserver.exe" | find /i "worldserver.exe" > nul || start /d "C:\Trinity_Build_3.3.5a\" worldserver.exe
    echo Server successfully started!
    echo Deleting Cache Folder...
    del /s /q "C:\WoW - WOTLK 3.3.5a\Cache"
    echo Opening World of Warcraft!
    tasklist /nh /fi "imagename eq World of Warcraft.exe" | find /i "World of Warcraft.exe" > nul || start /max /d "C:\WoW - WOTLK 3.3.5a\" WoW.exe
    echo World of Warcraft successfully executed!
    echo Press any key in order to close WoW and Server!
    taskkill /IM worldserver.exe /T /F
    taskkill /IM authserver.exe /T /F
    taskkill /IM WoW.exe /T /F
    How does it works?
    Just place it into your Desktop, check if path's are same as ones you got in your PC (Build, Debug, WoW folders must coincide with .bat archive) by doing Right-click>Edit (on .bat archive) and replacing every path.
    You can now, Edit and compile your Core then open zStartME.bat to automatically do everything for you!
    When you're done with the server press any key into zStartME.bat and it will automatically close everything!
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    Thanks for the share, I'm sure people can find great use of it!

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    Thank for showin some love!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Now you can run it from your desktop

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    Quote Originally Posted by molinita View Post
    Thank for showin some love!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Now you can run it from your desktop
    Nice. :-)

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Could someone rate my English written skill?
    I learned it by myself playing Videogames with English language native people, and I thinking about joining an Institute (like a Private School) to learn more about it.



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