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    Some important works by myself

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    1. MPQ encryption.

    I promise no virus, no hack root, just vm protect.
    Be careful, the test tools will use a common ecryption key for everyone. And just encrypt first 16 bytes data.
    And in my origin post,
    "请拖入文件" means drag a MPQ file into the window.
    "加密" means encrypt and "已" means done or "未" means not yet.
    "解密" means decrypt.
    "读取" means read a MPQ file by input path.
    "释放" means release that will release the occupied MPQ files handle.
    Forgive my simple say.

    test tools
    MD5 wow.xd.dll:

    MD5 wow.xd.exe:

    MD5 MPQ加密.exe:

    web password: pcp9
    rar password: saltyzero
    2. Fix Karazhan chess script almost perfectly.

    3. One item and multip stats(random).

    I haven't record a video for these. If you are interested in them. I will share you my screen and send you test tools. Free test but not free release of course.
    Email: saltyzero@foxmail.com
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