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    World Backup All in One SQL [FML]

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    Is there any possible way of being able to separate all of this without having to do it manually? For some reason when switching VPS's when I setup HeideiSQL to make back ups on my local, it decided I wanted a whole entire SQL file of my entire world database for 3.3.5a.... By the time I realized wtf I had done, I had migrated hosts...

    I had some cool stuff I built and a lot of quests and such. I can always start over, but it was actually quite a lot of content for a separate project I had been working on. Is there any way of recovering the DB so that it I can structure it properly or do I literally have to do exactly what I think/dread of having to do? Without knowing whether or not it will even work...

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    Maybe you can still recover the SQL data even if it's just dumped to a single file? What sort of format is it in? Can you open it with a text editor and see if it contains the structure and data? If it's missing the former you can recreate the structure then do the import.

    You can automate splitting the file into many files with a script very easily.

    EDIT: Below is what I originally posted, I completely misread this post.

    When I ran a Windows dedicated machine with a server on it, I had a very simple bat script set on a Windows scheduler to run daily.

    This script would backup the server Lua scripts (which were inside a Dropbox folder the server loaded from), the world, auth, and chars database, then zip it all up with 7zip and place it inside another Dropbox folder that would get synced to dropbox as a backup.

    @ECHO off
    set year=%date:~10,4%
    set month=%date:~4,2%
    set day=%date:~7,2%
    set DATET=%year%_%month%_%day%
    echo Backing up scripts...
    md "C:\Users\StoneDev\Desktop\Backups\Scripts"
    xcopy /E "C:\Users\StoneDev\Desktop\Dev Realm\Scripts\Dropbox\kronos (1)" "C:\Users\StoneDev\Desktop\Backups\Scripts"
    echo Backing up auth...
    "c:\program files\mysql\MySQL Server 5.5\bin\mysqldump" --host="" --user="" --password="@" eoc_auth > "c:\Users\StoneDev\desktop\backups\"%DATET%_auth.sql
    echo Done.
    echo Backing up chars...
    "c:\program files\mysql\MySQL Server 5.5\bin\mysqldump" --host="" --user="" --password="@" eoc_chars > "c:\Users\StoneDev\desktop\backups\"%DATET%_chars.sql
    echo Done.
    echo Backing up world...
    "c:\program files\mysql\MySQL Server 5.5\bin\mysqldump" --host="" --user="" --password="@" eoc_world > "c:\Users\StoneDev\desktop\backups\"%DATET%_world.sql
    echo Done.
    echo Compressing...
    "C:\Users\StoneDev\desktop\7za" a -tzip -y -mx9 "C:\Users\StoneDev\desktop\"%DATET%.zip "C:\Users\StoneDev\desktop\Backups"
    xcopy C:\Users\StoneDev\desktop\%DATET%.zip "C:\Users\StoneDev\Desktop\Dev Realm\Scripts\Dropbox\kronos (1)\"
    echo Done.
    echo Deleting old files...
    del "C:\Users\StoneDev\desktop\Backups\*.sql"
    del "C:\Users\StoneDev\desktop\%DATET%.zip"
    rmdir /s /q "C:\Users\StoneDev\Desktop\Backups\Scripts"
    echo Done!
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