Greetings all,

I am here in search of a coder for a custom private server launcher that we have already designed. You would be provided a list of specifications and the PSD of the launcher.

Primary requirements:
1. Auto installer of the entire wotlk 3.3.5 client, with the option of just adding our custom patch and exe to an existing client.
- We basically want it so that a new player can click 1 button and it will download our entire game, with the wotlk client, the custom exe, the custom patch, etc.
- Players that have played WoW 3.3.5 before should easily be able to put in the location of their game, which will then make our launcher auto download our custom exe, patch, etc, but not the actual game as they already have it.
2. Auto patch and exe update whenever we upload a new patch/exe. If players have the "Auto Update" checked in the settings, then it should automatically download the new patch/exe when they open the patch. Otherwise, they will have to manually click the "Update" button which will replace the "Play" button when an update is needed.
3. The ability for us to upload a custom patch/exe so that when our game is updated, we can simply upload the patch/exe to the website and every player will have them pushed directly to their launchers.
4. The ability to link our news section from our website directly to the launcher.

This is a paid job, and we can negotiate price in private Discord DMs.
Discord: Reborn#1315