We are looking for developers.

We are a 3.3.5a blizzlike server looking for serious and responsible developers to join us.

This is a paid offer.
We can pay for each fix made or we can set an amount and the developer can work till the amount is reached. (Using PayPal).
The price of the fixes or the amount is discussed with the developer so that both sides feel comfortable.
Because this is a serious offer, the interested person must have real knowledge in C ++ and have worked with the TrinityCore project.
High knowledge about the game as a player is important too to identify the correct behavior of the game.

About the fixes:
  • No hackfixs
  • No game-breaking fixs

We are looking for appropiate fixes that are up to date with C++ and TrinityCore standars.
Important: We are NOT looking for developers that only work with SQL.

We respect personal time and there will be no pressure.
We want that the person who will work with us, have a good experiencie in our team.

Any interested person can make any question: Discord user: Ryuzaki#9942