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    itemID Addons 3.3.5

    Help Please ItemID Addons 3.3.5 wow
    Interface 30300: Download

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    somewhere between <?php and ?>
    i guess the addon you're looking for is idtip for 3.3.5 right?

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    i am not able to find the addon for 3.3.5, the earliest i am able to find is for 4.3.4. But i believe you can download that and find a lua dev who can edit the addon for you to work for 3.3.5. I used to have the addon for 3.3.5 but for some reason i cant find it now. But i checked the code for the addon and its really not alot of code so i guess it wouldnt take more than a minute for a lua dev to make the addon work for 3.3.5 so i guess you can find someone to do it for free. But ofcourse, if you're offering to pay you will definitely find help faster

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    Download idTip 2.0: https://mega.nz/#!4xB1ASST!25Ajlbdn7...dpxHUwcoAswAU8

    Open up idTip.toc (Table of Contents) file and change Interface to 30300
    Been using this for while and haven't had any problem.

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