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    [WTS] Legion 7.3.5 26972 The most complete repack


    I would like to introduce the most complete Legion repack of all times!

    Fixes and content:

    Fixed more than 80 crashes
    Implemented zones (blizzlike) - Mardum, Wandering Isle, Kezan, The Lost Isles, Gilneas
    Fixed few thousands of database errors
    Implemented scripts for Return to Kharazan, Court of Stars
    Added some modifications for Class Halls
    Artifact weapons implemented, corrected some spells, traits
    Implemented AI for whole world
    Reworked spawns for all Legion dungeons
    Fixed many areatriggers and entrances
    Fixed instance Vault of the Wardens
    Implemented story zone Vault of the Wardens
    Fixed Eye of Azshara scripts
    Added a lot of fixes for instances like The Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, Nighthold, Tomb of Sargeras, Antorus, the Burning Throne
    Fixed AI combat behaviour
    Base code - Helya (Trial of Valor)
    Base code - Coven of Shivarra (Tomb of Sargeras)
    Base code + intro + outro - Aggramar (Tomb of Sargeras)
    Fixed rest of the database errors
    Fixed thrash mobs - Maw of Souls
    Fixed some critical issues in Maw of Souls
    Improvements for Archdruid Glaidalis, Oakheart, Dresaron, Shade of Xavius
    Implemented Terrace of Endless Spring
    Fixed scripts for ToES and database work
    Implemented Throne of Thunder
    Fixed logic in scripts for ToT and database work
    Implemented Siege of Orgrimmar
    Fixed logic in scripts SoG and database work
    Implemented boss Guarm
    Implemented boss Elisande
    Implemented boss Gul'dan
    Rescripted BoA system
    Implemented custom login announcer
    All Legion zones are now playable.
    Added playerscript for heirlooms and some bags
    Implemented WoD storyline (blizzlike)

    It's also very stable repack.
    Price is 225 USD. PayPal only.
    Refund isn't possible.

    If you are interested, contact me on Discord - Incognito#9942

    Best Regards
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