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    Dawnfall-servers 7.3.5

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    Hello, we are a small team of a few developers and staff that strive for perfection on our server.
    We are a Legion server and have made the almost progress out of all currently existing servers.

    For Legion content, we have the following that's working perfectly:

    -Antorus The Burning Throne
    -Black Rook Hold Dungeon
    -Cathedral of Eternal Night
    -Court of Stars
    -Dark Heart Thicket
    -Eye of Azshara
    -Halls of Valor
    -Maw of Souls
    -Micro Holidays
    -Neltharions Lair
    -Return To Karazhan
    -The Arcway
    -The Emerald Nightmare
    -The Nighthold
    -The Seat of The Triumvirate
    -Tomb of Sargeras
    -Trial of Valor
    -Vault of the Wardens
    -Violet Hold Legion
    -Invasion points in Argus
    -Invasion points with World Bosses
    -Every single Legion World Boss

    And not to fret, we have content working perfectly for earlier expansions aswell, like the following in Draenor and Pandaria

    -Blackrock Foundry
    -Bloodmaul Slag Mines
    -Hellfire Citadel
    -Iron Docks
    -Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
    -The Everbloom
    -Upper Blackrock Spire
    -Dark Portal
    -Forstfire Ridge
    -Shadowmoon Valley
    -Every World Boss in Draenor
    And for Pandaria we have:
    -Gate Setting Sun
    -Heart of Fear
    -Mogu'shan Palace
    -Mogu'shan Vault
    -Shado-pan Monastery
    -Siege of Niuzao Temple
    -Siege of Orgrimmar
    -Stormstout Brewery
    -Temple of the Jade Serpent
    -Terrace of Endless Spring
    -Throne of Thunder
    -Timeless isle
    -Kun-Lai Summit
    -Valley of the Four Winds
    -Wandering Island
    -Krasarang Wilds
    -And every Pandaria World Boss
    And we have the following scenarios working perfectly in Legion:
    -A Brewing Storm
    -A Little Patience
    -Arena of Annihilation
    -Army Training
    -Assault on Broken Shore
    -Assault on Zan'vess
    -Battle on the High Seas
    -Battle Pet Instance
    -Blood in the Snow
    -Brewmoon Festival
    -Broken Islands
    -The Celestial Tournament
    -Crypt of Forgotten Kings
    -Dagger in the Dark
    -Dark Heart of Pandaria
    -Domination Point
    -Fall of Shan Bu
    -Greenstone Village
    -Legion Invasion
    -Lion's Landing
    -Proving Grounds
    -Pursuing the Black Harvest
    -The Secrets of Ragefire
    -The Thunder Forge
    -Troves of the Thunder King
    -Unga Ingoo

    And now, you're probably wondering, but DrustWoW, what about classes, what progress do you have on them?
    Well, glad you asked, we have completed about 90% of the spells from each class across the board, including the spells from artifacts, below there's a list of classes that work close to perfect if not perfect.

    -Death Knight
    -Demon Hunter
    We also have implemented and fully working Professions, same with PvP, and every Legion zone, as to which some quests may still need a bit of work on phasing.
    And not to forget, we also have implemented the following general systems, some of which you may have read above:
    -World quests
    -Brawler's guild
    -The Underbelly
    -Invasion Points
    -PvP Brawls
    -Pet Battles and dungeons
    -NPC and quest caling
    -All Arenas and BGs
    -Premade Groups



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    Goodluck with the project!

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    Goodluck with the project!
    ty mate

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    Registered members see less ads
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