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    Post [P-Server-Community] ~ WoWZone Network ~

    Welcome everyone to WZ-Network aka WoWZone Network. Discord Server dedicated to WoW Players and WoW Staff Members, New Players and New Emerging Servers. We would like to create a community where players can discuss private servers, advertise and promote your server to gain traction and find support and assistance with how to make your own Private Server or seeking help from others to select the best server to play on.

    ✅ - There are no fees or charges affiliated with advertising or promoting your server.
    ✅ - You can promote your skills
    ✅ - You can find a developer or website designer
    ✅ - WoWZone Active Staff Members
    ✅ - Support Channels

    ✅ - Private Server Staff Roles
    ✅ - Private Server Advertising

    Verified Private Server List: We would like to take a very different approach here. We shall provide an actual list of verified private servers, both small and large, not everyone wants to play on a server with thousands of players, there are players out there that prefer smaller servers, servers with great and non toxic communities, servers with outstanding performance and stability, we will add all this information next to a server name which will be posted in a Private Server Dedicated Channel (PSDC).

    Our Discord Server was designed to provide our members with up to date news and feeds from Wowhead, Raider.IO, r/wowservers | r/wow, Trinitycore and AzerothCore commits atom feeds and much more, so you will be updated with news and feeds all in one place, it's a very convinient way to stay up to date with all latest news related to WoW and WoW Emulation.

    We welcome players of all ages and countries to join us and grow with us as we roll through this amazing experience by bringing the community together, we would like to create a platform where players, staff, admins, owners can have a civilized conversations or debates about anything wow related.

    In the past few years Emulation Community been getting smaller and smaller and we believe it's losing it's popularity, many members are discouraged by the toxicity and selfishness of other community members, we would like to pause this timeline while it's not too late and recreate the passion and love for the amazing game we have all grown to love "World of Warcraft"

    Come join us:
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