If anyone has the ability to be able to create approximately 15-20 quests for me as part of a pre-existing quest line on 3.3.5a please let me know. You must have fairly decent English, and the ability to write lore based off of what the previous quests entail. For 15 of these quests, I would require working GPS markers, all previous mobs involved in the quests scaled up to the quest line tier and tested (will assist with this portion, as will other testers), working map POIx positions, loot tables for the mobs changed to drop certain items, etc etc.

Keep this in mind, the writing and such does not have to be too in-depth, as this can be changed later, but the lore must match up and if you prefer to expand into what you want, you may do so. Mainly the POIx markers via the map and unique quests are what I am looking for at the moment.

I am working very long hours and in school and barely have time to breathe at the moment. So if you are interested in contributing, please message me via PM on here and we can get in touch. Look forward to speaking with you.