Selling multifunctional control panel with support different core versions and multi-realms.
Functional part:
- registration with e-mail confirmation (support for interaction with forum engines such as XenForo)
- changing password with e-mail confirmation
- account history and activity
- account characters information
- server stats (realm status, players online)
- balance recharging (need to specify payment system)
- voting system with rewards (support any API)
- promotional codes
- premium system (buying premium-status, shop discounts and etc)
- changing race/fraction/character name
- repair character
- a shop with a flexible product search as well as a realm filter (support custom items)
- buying game currency (gold, etheric coins, etc.)
- referal system (rewards for invited friends)
- mini-game (Try your luck)
- convenient admin panel
- backups (file system, DB)

There is also an adaptive minimalist design, its own API (for example, for working with launcher).

All functionality can be adjusted according to your wishes.

For more information, please contact me via PM or discord.
discord: Elimination#6538