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    and also gain access to other great features.
    Great job! I remember when I used to play with NPCBots!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trickerer View Post
    You can copy existing creature_template entry of same class, use one of free ids (70575-71000). You need to change modelid1 to whatever you want your new bot to sound like. You also need to create new entries with same id in creature_equip_template, creature_template_npcbot_extras and creature_template_npcbot_appearance.
    There is no way to add bot hire time limit. Yet, anyways.

    For any kind of proposal of feature request, use issue tracker, you have much better chance of getting response there.
    Thanks for the info. I will play around with those db values.

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    what versions of wow does this support?

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    bump can someone update this, i tried to fix it by myself but i'm a bit dumb ,
    the error is class "position" has no member "GetMapId"
    in mapid = data->spawnPoint.GetMapId();
    and also 50 warnings like
    'initializing': truncation from 'double' to 'float
    "argument': truncation from 'double' to 'float
    and so on.. ; / if someone can help i will glad
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    not work for last version tc !

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    Quote Originally Posted by master_dev21 View Post
    can i use this on ac?
    OP already said that you could make it work, kinda, with some changes but will likely introduce unwanted errors. Also that they aren't planning to work on porting it to AC any time soon if ever. Please read the thread next time. There's really no excuse here because of how short this thread is. It's 22 short posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdic View Post
    what versions of wow does this support?
    TRINITYCORE RELEASE 20011 https://github.com/TrinityCore/Trini...g/TDB335.20011


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    Due to ongoing issues with bitbucket I had to move NPCBots repository to GItHub. Original post updated

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    Your bots are so impressive. Dungeons with NPCbots are nice and straight forward, compared to ike3's playerbots that are just so difficult to manage. He has done a great job with them too, but they are an absolute nightmare trying to run any dungeon.
    His bots are good for just having a populated world.

    Keeping it simple is exactly the right thing to do. So, well done for doing it right.

    One question though: Is there a good way to make bots completely stop until you want them to engage mobs? (I'm not talking about hiding the bots, as this is about dungeon pulling)
    Example- I can ask bots to /stay while I pull some mobs in a dungeon, but the bots will rush in to help out even if I have not asked them to help yet.

    (It would be nice to have a macro that makes them completely stop dead still until I press another button which allows them to move/help again)

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    One question though: Is there a good way to make bots completely stop until you want them to engage mobs?
    Not yet, but I see some ways to add such feature without much problem, maybe just modifying existing stop command functionality. Should it stop bots from healing though? What about crowd control?

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    Maybe it is just my own issue, i'm not sure. Because I am not looking to make things completely easy mode for myself.

    (The default NPCBOT multipliers makes things faaaar too easy. Sooo easy that you don't even need to help, the bots can do everything while you sit and do nothing. That is not fun to me, which also means gearing bots is pointless too, as they are way too powerful even without any gear!)

    I'm trying to play the game at a closer to realistic feeling way, so its not just completely easy to rush through all dungeons without caution.
    So I use these setting : it definitely feels very similar to playing with real people. The damage of bots and healing all feels quite real.

    NpcBot.Mult.Damage.Physical = 0.1
    NpcBot.Mult.Damage.Spell = 0.1
    NpcBot.Mult.Healing = 0.2 (A little extra boost to party healing is a good idea)

    With these settings, at least you can notice the bots getting stronger in DPS when they gear up.

    I need to be able to tell bots to just stay back while I setup a pull and bring some enemies back with me, and not have the bots rush to me. The bots will move around and aggro lots of extra packs otherwise.

    So as a mage, I want the bots to stay back , while I move towards a pack of mobs and then sheep pull.
    Then the rest of that mob pack can follow me back to my bots, and when I am ready, the tank and other bots can help (only when I tell them to start moving) instead of bots running towards me when i'm not in a safe location for us to fight yet.

    Anyone else try to play like this? It is much more fun making it feel like a real party, instead of being SUPER EASY mode
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    I just edit the the config file to make mobs stronger

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    By default they are WAY too strong already, and you make them even stronger?? lol
    Just seems pointless as you can stand there and let them rip an instance apart and agro multiple packs at once and still succeed.

    But I guess we all want to play the game different ways, I just like running a dungeon and having it feel an accomplishment like it would with a real party of players.



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