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    [C++] NPCBots are back

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    NPCBots mod is officially updated (30 Apr 2020)


    There is so much new stuff I don't even know where to begin. Anyways:
    • Visuals for equipment
    • All classes completed 95%
    • Pets and other summons
    • New (Warcraft III tribute) classes
    • Class-specific features
    • Raiding stuff
    • (Check commit history for full list)

    P.S. I guess it's not suffice to say I'm sorry for the delay since last update (was it like 5 years ago?).
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    YES !! Great, thx !!!

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    Nice! Can i use it with AzerthCore too?

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    This made my day.... Awesome release... They were already so nice to play with. Looked quickly through the post, wonderful features added, this will be really nice for solo repacks.
    Wondering too if we could get a azerothcore version ? (or is Trinity close enough to already be able to use it ?)

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    I have never touched AzerothCore, so took a quick look. There will be some problems porting bots, like bot ai scripts loading will have to be moved back into script loader (ScriptLoader.cpp which does not exist in Trinity anymore). Couple unexpected crashes may be introduced... typical problems.
    You can't expect me to do this myself in a foreseeable future, sorry for that. In fact, I can't even guarantee I won't disappear for another 5 years or something

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    The follow command does not work.
    The bot just stops and does not run

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    Feb 2014
    +rep keep it up!

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    приветсвую,есть проблемы с ботами.Скомпилировал себе сервер с нужной ревизией от тринити,с нужными базами,добавил все нужные sql файлы в репак.создал аккауент Гма,зашел в игру и создал пару ботов,добавил в группу.Затем телепортировался в другу зону(с восточных королевст на калимдор)и вышел из игры,перезахожу персонажем-сервак зависает и крашиться.Проверял несколько раз на разных аккаунтах и персонажах и ботах.Так же был момент что создав бота и добавив в группу бот потом не двигался и ничего не делал.даже при использовании комманд на движение или остановку.

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    Not playable, none of the bots will hit you if you run

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    nice job ,.bump!~!!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Conflict with transmog function. The follow command does not work.

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    Nice work, +cookies

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    This update to them is fantastic so impressive. Please keep it up

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    Can I add bots just by editing the db? I would like to add more bots to the world. Also is there a way to add a time limit to how long the bots are hired for. thanks

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    You can copy existing creature_template entry of same class, use one of free ids (70575-71000). You need to change modelid1 to whatever you want your new bot to sound like. You also need to create new entries with same id in creature_equip_template, creature_template_npcbot_extras and creature_template_npcbot_appearance.
    There is no way to add bot hire time limit. Yet, anyways.

    For any kind of proposal of feature request, use issue tracker, you have much better chance of getting response there.



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