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    [WOTLK] WoWPortal Progressive PVE Server | Highrate


    Welcome home Traveler! WoWPortal Welcomes you!

    WoWPortal is a World of Warcraft | WOTLK Progressive PVE Server! Currently on Ulduar Patch.

    WoWPortal's development started 11 months ago, we are using our own, privately Developed Emulator
    "Paradox-Emu". https://wowportal.net/changelog

    Our Dedicated Server Solution comes with Automatic Backup System, Anti-DDos System and we run the following hardware:

    ▶ CPU: Intel i7-7700K - 4c/8t - 4.2GHz /4.5GHz
    ▶ RAM: 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
    ▶ Anti-DDoS Pro 900GB
    ▶ 1.2TB NVMe drives

    The main language on our Server is English, World Chat is Crossfaction and all the action happens in our global channel "WORLD". Soulbound Realm opens on November 3rd , 2019 | 17:00h GMT/Zulu.

    As you already know, we are operating on WotLK expansion | Game Client: 3.3.5a, which means maximum level is 80 and you will spend the majority of your time on an icy continent of Northrend with a dream to step through the illustrious Icecrown Citadel . WoWPortal provides a fully functional RDF, actively developed and working quests and instances while allowing players to experience all raids and dungeons in solo mode. We also allow players to venture to their favorite raids using our unique scaling system.

    While we are a PVE Server, we also provide players with PVP Custom Scripts like Arena-SoloQ, Bounty System, Spectate and Challenge Modes!

    Experience and other multipliers:

    ⚫ Experience – x5
    ⚫ World Drops/Loot – x5 until level 80 | x1 at level 80
    ⚫ Premium Account Boost - x10/x10 (can be purchased at WoWPortal Online Store)
    ⚫ Reputation – x5
    ⚫ Honor – x5
    ⚫ Gold– x5

    Our Custom Scripts and Features:

    -Portable Stone/Teleporter
    -Currency Exchange
    -All in One Trainers
    -Activity Badge System
    -Leveling Rewards System
    -Character Services
    -Custom Taxi Mode
    -Custom Arena Brackets | SoloQ
    -Arena Spectate and Challenge Mode
    -Player Bounty System
    -Voting System and in-game exchange system
    -Premium XP System where players can have access to higher rates.
    -Premium Exchange System (no customs, no gear)
    - Transmogrification
    -Transmogrification Exchange System
    -Weapon Visual System
    -Character Services
    -Character Trade
    -Crossfaction System which includes: Auction-house, Raids, Channels and Trade.
    -Player Custom Commands to facilitate and ameliorate your game play experience

    ⚫ Our Transmog System consists of a items and sets from other expansions up until WOD. We carry Legion Artifacts and Mythics, WOD/BFA Sets and Weapons, MOP Challenge Mode and very rare collectible items.
    ⚫ Our Mounts, NPCS, Bosses and World creatures are re-textured to match Legion.
    ⚫ We also have very unique Custom Mounts System where players have to gather materials in order to make custom mounts.
    ⚫ WoWPortal uses a very unique interface system, character creation and Client Modifications.
    ⚫ Our Server is very custom, however we do not have any Custom Gear or anything that can affect the balance or economy of the world.

    ⚫ Our dedicated team of Developers work countless hours to provide you with a very stable server environment and concentrating on PVE Encounters/Instances scripting to match Blizzard Standards while giving Quests and Game Mechanics a top priority.
    ⚫ We use Github as a 3rd party Issue Tracker and apply fixes every 2 weeks. Any changes applied to our core or database are posted instantly in our Discord | Updates Channel.
    ⚫ WoWPortal uses a custom anticheat integration which acts as an independent Anticheat Solution and has access to Kick and Ban any offenders and IP Ban upon recidivism.
    ⚫ Our Gamemasters/Staff come from Different Time Zones and available at all times to assist our players.
    ⚫ We use Github as a 3rd party Issue Tracker and apply fixes every 2 weeks. Any changes applied to our core or database are posted instantly in our Discord | Updates Channel.

    Our Website: https://wowportal.net
    Our Discord: https://discord.gg/vBXZcHW

    Our Progression Timeline: https://wowportal.net/timeline
    Frequently Asked Questions: https://wowportal.net/faq
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    I like the thread organizing! Best of succes wished

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    your flag is UP! good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by unkbboy View Post
    your flag is UP! good Luck
    Appreciated! Thank you mate

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    Best of luck with this Server, Website is ToP Tier and description is awesome!

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    Thank you mate. Greatly appreciated

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Lushen View Post
    Best of luck with this Server, Website is ToP Tier and description is awesome!
    Thank you Lushen

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    Looks interesting. Good luck

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    I played many servers, I must say, this server has some quality core. I been farming with 3 of my friends for 2 days straight and not even one crash, lag free. I did however encounter few bugged quests along the way but after reporting them on their website/bugtracker it was fixed the next day. Something feels just different when you moving, walking doing things its much more smoother on WoWPortal, when you login to game it's almost instant. Great job guys I definitely recommend

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    Nice thread, and good luck buddy!

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