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    Lightbulb Wrath of Nostos - 3.3.5 WOTLK Custom Experience

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    Wardonic WoW : Wrath of Nostos

    Wardonic WoW has had many iterations, and many remakes to maintain the servers ever growing hunger for content. After much deliberation, we recently shut down our 3.3.5 funserver to make way for a new custom experience thus dubbed "The Wrath of Nostos". Throughout arduous development, the server has been making headway with it's testers and staff consistently updating and adding new content to ensure that this release, will be the final release. Without further delay, we can proudly present to you, Wardonic WoW's : Wrath of Nostos 110 Funserver.

    Restructured Professions
    Modified Reputations (earn your wings)
    Custom and Structured PvP gearing system
    1v1 Arenas with instant arena point distribution
    Transmog Auctionhouse
    2 Raid Tiers (Molten Core and Black Temple)
    Hours of Custom Storyline
    Custom Zones
    Scripted Bosses and Custom Dungeon Encounters
    Dedicated Staff Team
    Armor Upgrade system
    Legion Artifacts (TBD)
    Legion Mage Tower Druid Forms
    Legendary Cloaks
    ...and much more!

    With various options for obtaining armor, you have the freedom to carve your own path alone, or with friends! Provide valuable feedback to our dedicated staff team and watch the server grow.

    Join the Discord : https://discord.gg/t3QDs6Y

    Server Images : https://imgur.com/a/eJRuOJI
    All information and feedback is valued. As Wrath of Nostos rears its head on the end of development, we look to the community constantly for ideas and suggestions that can elevate your experience on the server.

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    Again? You want me to join your server 3rd time?

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    Looks good! If you need any designs for when you put it up on the top list, let me know

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    BUMP! Having been on the Beta Testing/dev team, I am super excited to have the server released

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    Bump - A lot of the original zones are now receiving a graphics overhaul. Some images of the newer zones in this post as well (texturing in progress).

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    Bump - More content being added daily, development scheduled to end soon. As a small teaser of what's to come:

    We have added a few things from other games such as scripted encounters of "Demonic Gorillas" and "Alchemical Hydras" from OSRS with Loot Drops including :

    Ghrazi Rapier

    Sanguine Staff

    Godswords (Hilts, and shards which have to be combined to make a blade and then turned into the godsword)

    Zenyte Jewelry

    And we now (at the request of one of our community members) have Seasonal Patches, so if you want to change the aesthetic of your client and experience, there are modified micro patches to allow you to change how your game looks.

    Original :

    Spring :

    Winter :

    Fall :

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    1h wep with higher dps than heroic 2h weps? Secondary stats (crit, haste) are the same for 1h wep and 2h staff. Wtf?
    I see you actually didn't put too much crit/haste on items yet so people won't have 100% crit or hard haste cap at the beginning. That's nice. Ring of Suffering looks like Paladin will be superior class once again.
    Anyway, it seems that you improved your item desing skills which is great and I'll visit your server once its open. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solomun View Post
    I'll visit your server once its open. Good luck!
    Glad to hear it, just for further clarification - The heroic tag on the god swords are purely cosmetic so I wouldn't worry too much about that, and the ring of suffering offers true damage which wouldn't scale by paladins. Just to touch on the paladin master class, we have been working quite actively towards obtaining a more true sense of balance, in doing so we have removed the core modifications to make hero classes critical hits higher than normal classes, and we have reversed a lot of the spell power scaling on paladins abilities to make them more reliant on weapon damage, like warriors.

    Glad to see you have intentions on rejoining the family - Have a wonderful day.

    The quality of the items and method of obtaining hold more value than the tags as well :

    Upgraded 2/2 Weapon


    And those can be compared to the previous posts stats
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    Along with multiple other updates this week - We have gone ahead and added some illidan themed mounts for the new reputations on the Ashtongue Deathsworn. The server should be out of development shortly.

    - - - Updated - - -

    New Starting Zone along with many other updates, server development coming to a close.

    City of Aken

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    Bump - Estimated Release Date : 11-16-2019

    Lots of zone finalization in progress

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    Nice Terrain & Decor skills!



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