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    How to become a productive person?

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    Hi! I want to get feedback, because now it is very important to me. I am studying at University and working two jobs. I want to be a productive person. to be able to do all things at the same time. I found a good way. This is modafinil. May be you know about this? I think about how to begin taking here modafinil.

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    Start by eliminating the habits that do not serve you in the longterm (working towards that goal you have set up in your mind)

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    Medication is absolutely not a solution. If you're struggling to organize your days or you feel you don't have enough time to complete everything. I suggest optimizing your time. there's quite a lot of techniques to achieve that.

    1. Split your sleeping cycle.
    > Polyphasic method will allow you to sleep less on daily basic and be as much rested as your body need : https://www.forbes.com/sites/brianra.../#534f813b2a7b

    2. Plan your next day/week/monthly todo in a notebook.
    > there's no universal techniques for that but here are some ideas : https://www.pebblestationeryco.com/b...-daily-planner

    3. Improve your work methodology.
    > Pomodoro technique is one of the best in the world here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l4w7uHdNaQ

    4. Practice active learning.
    > don't wait someone to teach you something. Research what active learning is.

    5. Money money money.
    > Money is the most important thing nowadays. Plan your wallet so you can minimize the time running around.

    6. Remember.
    > Achieveing a little bit everyday is enough to reach what you consider success is.
    > This things are habbit. It may take you time before you reach the optimal balance.


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    I think that some vitamins are good for it too, maybe supplements also

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    Medications should be prescribed by a doctor. You're going to make a robot out of you.



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