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Thread: C++ Teleporter

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    C++ Teleporter

    Trying to make a C++ teleporter but im getting an error ive never experienced before, since I was somewhat inactive with C++ in the past 2 years and trinitycore functions have changed again and Im generally very bad with C++, I just know how to copy paste and do simple edits, this error is confusing me, never saw it before:
    error C2259: 'Teleporter': cannot instantiate abstract class
    note: due to following members:
    note: 'CreatureAI *CreatureScript::GetAI(Creature *) const': is abstract
    note: see declaration of 'CreatureScript::GetAI'
    here's the teleporter script:

    Got an updated TC version (last 1month~ ago)
    I put in a lot of #includes because I thought that would help
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