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    Thumbs up 3.3.5 custome haste server!

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    Ascend to the adventurous universe of Hyperion Wrath! Hyperion Wrath is a World of Warcraft private server that holds within it eleven raid tiers. Do you enjoy fun? I know I do. Well, look no further for the plethora of entertainment you seek. You have found it,my friend. Engage in open world adventure with hastely leveling, that emerses you into an Azeroth with new rares,new world bosses,new legendary items for every class, and a reworked gearing system. Do you remember those Outlands and Northrend places? Well, you can jump back into them as they were once upon a time,back in 2008-2010,but with a slight and attention grasping twist. The gold rate is increased by twice as much,as is the proffesion rate. "How fast is the experience gain?",you ask. Well, I will tell you,intrigued potential player. The experience rate is increased by twenty five times as much as normal. The max level is 80, in this immaculate recreation of a classic expansion. Sign up and install Hyperion Wrath, today!!! -
    Do you enjoy rare hunting? I certainly do! Join me in a most excellent hunt for leveling tokens on the Island of Que'danis. You must be max level to go there and farm these tokens. But trust me. It is a blast to do! The mobs and rares on this bodacious adventure drop tokens used to by pre-raid gear, as well! Woah, doesn't that sound better than going outside and socializing? It totally does! -Jake Rowell
    http://hyperionwrath.ddns.net/ realmlist is : SET Realmlist

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    Might wanna spice this post up a bit, adding some pics from the server wouldn't hurt

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    Super Secret Activities 3.3.5a

    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    This was probably the best server I've ever played, but why is the website down??



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