first off i would like to thank you for takeing the time to read this post. i have made a 3.3.5 wotlk privet server. revamped leveling. t1 SM t2 Shattered halls t3 ZA. working on 8 more tiers. right now. i am in need of players that would like to come test out the options that that game has to offer. all members that help will be given a free donor set when the server is live. its x25 exp rate x1.5 run speed x5 greens 3 max prof. new legendary items revamped old legendarys that u can earn by raiding. there is still a good amount more that i need to add/change but its just me working on the server. hope to see you all there. any and all ideas are welcomed here is the website. dont mind it its not edited yet
discord link is on the website.

its a haste server that offers duel wield for all classes.