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Thread: HR issue

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    HR issue

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    I have a small company and plan to hire some HR specialists.
    How do small businesses without HR departments handle HR issues? Is it actually possible? Or is it necessary to integrate some HR software?

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    Don't want to be mean, but I think you should have known this information before you have started the company.

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    Not only that, this forum nor its community is really qualified to be giving advice for businesses.

    If you're serious about your business, call up a local business advisor (they're usually free up to a certain point of advice, but worth paying for if you want the guarantees). Or Google up some online advisors.

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    Any HR software should be integrated into the system of your company by specialists. You`d better hire some experts in that field. We used to work with Lanteria https://www.lanteria.com/solutions/lanteria-hr/overview and their software still works pretty well for our enterprise. Simply give them a call and ask your questions directly

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    I work in a family medicine clinic. We have installed software that links all the business processes of the clinic. This includes keeping records of business activities, personnel and medical records of patients.

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    I think this is absolutely normal position. Any business creation requires a preliminary study of information, data collection and analysis. We are talking about the collection of information on the state of the market, konkureyah, products, economy, consumers and many more significant factors. Companies that have been in business for many years without data mining https://light-it.net/blog/reasons-wh...data-mining#1/ could not keep their business up to the mark. That is why I also recommend to study the situation for max262

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    In addition to the human resources manager, you will need a quality support service to grow your business. When you begin to analyze customer questions that they regularly ask support services, you will find a lot of interesting things. If customers point to the same problem over and over again, it may be time to look at the product with their eyes and find a solution. Tracking the reasons why customers contact support such as https://mindy-support.com/ai-and-mac...urcing-service, allows you to pinpoint problems not only with the product itself, but also with the service you provide.

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    How are you doing with your mobile app? Have you ordered the development or do not use it at all? The thing is, I need to find some good developers right now, and I don't even know where to start.

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    If you can't find worthy mobile app developers, I can advise you to turn to mobile application development ukraine https://opengeekslab.com/mobile-development/ where you will definitely help you find the right and interesting solution. Personally, we really liked the work of these specialists. They have provided us with a unique product tailored to all our needs and needs.

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    interesting information

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    It all depends on the number of people who work in your company. Software also has to work with someone and contribute data to it



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