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    [SOLVED] Bugged npc go through map in SFK

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    As title suggest I have some npcs who has worked fine for a long type, but now that I went back into the instance after getting the latest rev trinitycore - they don't work properly.

    What it seem like to me, is that the npcs are going through the map. They become invisible soon after getting pulled and then they attack you from the twisting nether...

    I tried disabling mmaps, but didnt seem to work..

    Never had this problem before, I am kinda lost - anyone knows anything?

    Thanks in advance,

    KINDA SOLVED: It was the mmaps! I disabled mmaps and now there is no pathfinding and no bugs! I think the solution is new mmaps

    EDIT 2: Something must have gone wrong extracting mmaps, since reextracting them fixed the issue..
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