Hello all, I am here today to sell a Battle.net account with Destiny 2, and WoW.

Some information:
- You may change everything from email, and password (As I don't care what happens to the account after it's out of my hands).

- Destiny 2 is the Complete Collection (Which I had bought for 69.99).
- World of Warcraft has everything up to Legion and no sub. If you do decide to pay for a sub, you can play everything from classic to Legion.

There is HS and HoTs which is FtP(Free to Play) as well, which I played very little of those games.

Asking price is 59.99, or best offer.

If interested, or would like to know what items, like exotics or characters on D2, I would be happy to give you information on it.

Contact me via Email @ Holywowmmo@gmail.com or you may contact me on Discord @ Shisui#7878.

If you would like to have a middle man, you will need to find one.