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    Smile [Undercover-Team] Looking for C++ & SQL Editor's working on a 6.2.4a Project!

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    Is Looking for C++ & SQL Editor's working on a 6.2.4a Project!

    Just seeing if there is any WoD lovers still out there working on a server release and working on a core/database to work cause it was left very untouched from legion release so I've decided to bring it back into the scene with 6.2.4a Client, back story on the Undercover-Team we were first on Ac-web was back in 2011 Was one of the first teams to release Undercover-DB/Undercover-Core for Patch 4.0.3a Cataclysm was here and everyone wanted to play it on ac-web so we worked our hardest for months then because of Cataclysm lacking players the project came to a close :/, But I'm back and ready to bring Undercover-Team and 6.2.4a Back!

    Ac-web Post for Undercover-Emu 4.0.3a Here!

    Add me on Discord or PM Here:


    My Old Profile that can't get back :/

    Regards, Hazor
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