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    Issues with spell damage

    As the Spellcasters get above level 80, the less damage they do, i did do the change which Illinux said were going to make it work

    Illinux recommended to comment out the last line like below, and just make it return 1.0f;

    but as i did that and build it, the issue still remain? anyone got a clue how to fix it?

    float Unit::CalculateSpellpowerCoefficientLevelPenalty(S pellInfo const* spellInfo) const
    if (!spellInfo->MaxLevel || getLevel() < spellInfo->MaxLevel)
    return 1.0f;

    return 1.0f;//std::max(0.0f, std::min(1.0f, (22.0f + spellInfo->MaxLevel - getLevel()) / 20.0f));

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    Ah yes, the "legend" posting in the incorrect section :')

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    Issues with spell damage

    i got it to work for just a short time before i got a crash on my tr rack

    i was fiddling with the settings but i dont know what i did to make it work

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    you can try to revert the commit it's not the best idea of course.
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    not your business
    I have this problem, who can help?



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