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    [Paid/Volunteers] New Project, all Roles

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    Hello members of AC-Web

    I am a 24 year old guy, playing world of warcraft since i am 11. I dont like how gamesystems of recent expansions work so i resorted playing on Private Servers.
    I enjoy crafting plausible Lore around WoW and also i love Speculating and storywriting in general. In bfa i only follow the story but dont play the game.

    I have a dedicated windoes server where i tried making servers in the past (nothing public) but i struggle and dont have the time to learn all the required skills for developing all the stuff.

    So i am looking for various people that can help me make one of my dreams come true and provide loreinvested people with material and tasks to read and go through.

    But basically i am looking for people who can:
    .Help me get the server safe against ddos and other security stuff
    .help me make a homepage
    .manage Homepage/Discord/Socialmedia
    .create sql based stuff like items quests npcs etc.
    .create custom gamesystems via c++
    .someone who can work with lua
    .ingame builders
    .noggit worldbuilder
    .dbc editor

    I dont want to create a 255 level funserver. I wanna provide different things suited for a wider audience, i dont intend to make money on it. I just want people to also speculate on my server what could happen next. Because i want to make the my server tell my own WoW related Story.
    I am willing to pay for the work you do, but also appreciate volunteers who just want to be part in a community and help.
    If you are interested please feel free to pm me

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    Help get your server " safe against DDoS and other security stuff " Not even possible lol

    Best of Luck on your project's!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casian View Post
    This will only work on SOME like about 70%

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    Registered members see less ads
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    Contact me over discord As7iNoS#3006 and I’ll be more than happy to talk with you.



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