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    Quote Originally Posted by Rimmybones View Post
    I actually got it to work last night. I was able to play for a couple hours and the server ran all night. I only tested on one of my windows 10 boxes but setting the mangosd.exe process in task manager to priority of realtime made it not crash.
    Vanilla unplayable after latest git update, manogosd.exe keep crashing, the above recommendation does not fix it on Windows 7. Crashes occur on 32 and 64 bits versions.

    -- UPDATE --

    Sorted by reseting aiplayerbots and/or turning aiplayerbots off in config file, starting the server, turning off server, setting aiplayerbot on in config file, starting server.
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    Привет Сonan513gm! Крутое видео! BFA Classic? Когда выйдет?
    Hi Sonan513gm! Cool video! BFA Classic? When released?

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    I was having quite a lot of fun on Vanilla with my party when I bumped into the infamous bug "They can't join our group". I know I should have used "leave" but I didn't and now I can't invite 3 of my characters.

    1. I tried restarting the server without success.
    2. I tried emptying the table GROUP and GROUP_MEMBERS without success.
    3. I tried resetting playerbots without success
    4. I tried manually adding those characters UID in the GROUP_MEMBERS, they would show in my group but not behave as group members do, no success

    There is definitely a flag somewhere for those characters that needs to be changed in order to reset their group status but I haven't found where that flag is.

    Any help with that is much appreciated.


    --- UPDATE ---

    whispering RESET AI to the stuck characters would let me invite them again...
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    Видео не полное. Не могу включить!

    The video is not complete. I can’t turn it on!

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Thank you very much for your hard work.
    Eager to add Multi languages, thanks!!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    During the test of, it was found that the bugs in the first phase and the second phase of C'Thun existed at the same time.
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