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    Definitely a project that you have to try out

    After spending a couple of weeks exploring this server and everything it has to offer, I can say, without a doubt, that Sanctum is one of the, if not, the best, custom "fun" servers which are out there on the market.

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    Update v1 - Random Dungeon Finder & Rated Battlegrounds
    Come join Sanctum War v1 Update releasing 16:00 GMT +1 3th of may. The update includes cool and new features such as custom random dungeon finder, rated battlegrounds, over 100 custom enchant visuals and much more.

    Random Dungeon Finder:

    Sign up for a random dungeon through the dungeon finder. The first dungeon of the day will reward you with a daily dungeon loot box and some Badge of Somber that can be spend on purchasing tier 3. There is a total of 3 random dungeons that can be chosen.

    Rated Battlegrounds

    We decided to implement a rated battleground system to the normal battleground system. This means that players can obtain rating from winning normal battlegrounds. Each fight the teams MMR is calculated and compared to the enemy team. Depending on the difference rating will be distributed to each player. If a player decides to leave midt-game they will receive a penalty of 30 rating. Obtaining rating allows you to unlock s3 PvP armor.

    Custom Enchant Visuals

    We are excited to bring over 100 custom enchant visuals you can use on your weapon. The visuals can be obtained throughout our content and is super simple to apply. You simple press on the visual item and then a window will pop up allow you to select which weapon to apply the visual effect to. This allows for a lot more customization to your character.

    Website: www.sanctumwar.com
    Discord: https://discord.gg/HkbN95M

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    Weekly Review: Been a longtime expecting this update and I must say you guys have done a great job - Looking forward to all the new changes and hopefully this will boost the population to where it needs to be so that we can have some fun times doing PvP and PvE   Cant wait to kill the new world bosses - Seez

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    Been here since release day and its been a blast, new world bosses are incredibly fun with a lot of nice items to get! (If lucky lol)

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    Trust in the reviews, this server is really worthy of your time. I have played since the release and it is still as much fun (if not more) to log in and do some PvP or PvE content here.


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    Go go go join the server, everything is good af here.

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    Good luck with your server broski

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    sever is nice with a lot of good scripts

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    Great server, deffinately worth to play on.
    No p2w aspect at all
    Regards, immeasurably

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    Very good server, best one i ever played on tbh

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    Good looking and goodluck with your project!
    Also i would like to remind that you can submit your server to my wow server list for free!

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    been here quite some weeks now and its very nice server with unique scripts



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