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    Exclamation Change bonus Socket


    how to can change stats bonus socket!


    i want changed on meta socket Stun Duration Reduced by 10% to 1%

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    First: If you dont have a DBC Editor I'd recommend you get MyDBCEditor (Click Me)

    Now go to your item_template, navigate to gem_properties or GemProperties, not sure how its called. Get that ID and go to GemProperties.dbc, go to the ID you found in the item_template.

    Take that ID and go to your SpellItemEnchantment.dbc navigate to the ID you just took and there you should see the Bonus of your gem properties, now there should be a spell ID in the columns 6-8, go to that Spell ID in your Spell.DBC, now move to column 80 at the ID in the Spell.dbc and that value should be 9, just set it to 0, as the value shows 9 in the .dbc it's 10% ingame, as it will show 0 in the .dbc it will be 1%, that's because of there's a range value example: fireball deals 56 to 92 damage, that's because the base damage is 55 and the ranging value is 37, and the value doesn't start at 0, it will always start at 1. So no matter which value you put, it'll have +1 in value unless you put a 0 in that ranging column.

    I hope I could help you I might've went a little off road :s

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    ok i tested spell 55358

    but don't found 10% in stats base!

    where is it?

    i checked by WoW Spell Editor !
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