So for the past years, I have been working on a TBC realm, that has been off and on for me, and now after a few weeks on working
on the server, itself and managing memory leaks and buying and refounding new vpses i came to a decision that maybe if

i would get a Dedicated Unmanaged VPS, that would be okay, I am not really sure im more of a Window's guy so what to do

guys think about Linux or windows how many connections can it handle how many queue connections, database backups can it

the handle is not really sure this is my frist time actually going hard mode for me have made a trailer i have a dedicated team i
have a customized website not {fushioncms} im just doing everything right but i have no idea how many players this VPS can

handle its Windows Based 2012.

Host Information :
Processor// Intel E3-1240v2/E3-1270v1
Memory// 32GB DDR3 RAM
Storage// 2x 1TB HDD
Bandwidth// 10TB @ 1Gbps
IPv4// 13 Usable IPs