Maybe this is the wrong section, but I'm curious and I don't really trust Google-Search Results, nor do I trust "Host Listing" on Ac-Web, looks all very sceptical to me. And this is more of a discussion about good experiences, I suppose?

So I'm looking for a new hoster since my current one has a legitimate availability of 75%, its a quarter of the day offline to complete random times, sometimes night sometimes day. I can't work with it anymore, I'm looking for something new.

What I'm looking for mainly: Root/VPS with no setup fee which is equally expensive as the monthly rate, like please. And a price range between 0-25€/month for now. Been searching on google for quite some time and they all look meh to me, I don't trust them. I for example know is good, but it's too expensive / doesn't offer my current needs.